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Cuisine Solutions, World Leader in Sous Vide, Exhibits at National Restaurant Association Show

Cuisine Solutions, World Leader in Sous Vide, Exhibits at National Restaurant Association Show
Photo Courtesy: Cuisine Solutions

Cuisine Solutions, the world’s largest sous vide manufacturer, and pioneer of the method, will exhibit at the National Restaurant Association Show this May at McCormick Place at Lakeside Center hall in Chicago, at booth 10442. The renowned international team of award-winning chefs—led by Chef Sean Wheaton, Vice President of Culinary—will utilize a ventless reheating bistro-style kitchen to showcase the company’s range of prepared sous vide products. They will demonstrate the versatility of sous vide beyond restaurants and illuminate the boundless culinary and operational applications made possible with sous vide. 

At the NRAS, Cuisine Solutions will feature an ever-changing menu, with options ranging from breakfast offerings like the company’s industry-shifting Sous Vide Egg Bites, as well as Chia Pudding Parfait with Berry Coulis and Fresh Berries, produced by the company’s chefs in Thailand. Lunch options will include salads such as Thai Chilled Noodles with Snow Peas, Sliced Chicken and Cashews with Thai Curry Dressing, as well as sandwiches like Roasted Turkey with Brie and Apple Chutney and Shaved Prime Rib with White Cheddar and Garlic Horseradish Aioli. Mains will be featured with choices like Mediterranean Octopus with Garlic White Beans and Tomato Confit and Wagyu Pot Roast, Wagyu brisket with Baby Vegetables and Port Wine Sauce. 

Cuisine Solutions will cater this year’s Snack Break during the Show’s Keynote with acclaimed chef, restaurateur, and humanitarian, José Andrés. Cuisine Solutions enjoys a close relationship with Andrés and World Central Kitchen. Cuisine Solutions has supported numerous WCK missions since its inception, first collaborating with Andrés  and his team during Katrina, and recently in Ukraine, where Cuisine Solutions’ Chairman Stanislas Vilgrain drove a team of trucks carrying ready-to-eat Cuisine Solutions products from France into Ukraine. Cuisine Solutions’ Chef Wheaton worked for years with Andrés at ThinkFoodGroup.

Headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, Cuisine Solutions services more than 30,000 restaurants to streamline their operations, helping to reduce waste, lower labor costs, and save hours of prep time for chefs in the kitchen. The company’s wide-ranging line of sous vide prepared products includes proteins, sauces, grains, plant-based products, and their hugely popular egg bites. Their pasteurized sous vide items offer 18 months of shelf life frozen, six days when defrosted, and can be finished in the oven, on a stovetop, or other method in mere minutes. This allows food service cooks to save time, simplifying the complexity of inventory challenges and offering a consistent solution without sacrificing customer satisfaction. 

The company offers bespoke service, training teams on reheating and finishing the sous vide products. The Research and Development team helps to develop custom products and LTOs for restaurants and provides consultation on broadening restaurant chain menus to feature items like plant-based offerings.

Sous vide, which means “under vacuum” in French, is a cooking method developed by Dr. Bruno Goussault, the France-born Chief Scientist of Cuisine Solutions. Ingredients are placed in a vacuum-sealed food-grade plastic pouch and cooked submerged in water at a constant time and temperature until the product is fully cooked. Cuisine Solutions’ advanced technology guarantees a perfect replication of the chefs’ recipes every time.  

About Cuisine Solutions

Led by an international team of award-winning chefs, Cuisine Solutions is the world’s leading manufacturer of sous vide products — the innovative, precise-cooking technique the company pioneered, perfected, and popularized decades ago. Headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, Cuisine Solutions services more than 30,000 restaurants and 6,000 retailers, as well as major airlines and hotels. For more information, visit


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