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Dr. Tyler Hales Impresses RHOC Stars Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi With Standout Smile Makeover Technique

Even the smallest change can make a whole lot of difference, and Slade Smiley can attest to that after his aesthetics check with Dr. Tyler Hales at the Hales Parker Dentistry. Through Dr. Tyler Hales’ expertise as a renowned cosmetic dentist, Slade Smiley has the chance to improve how his teeth look, and even his wife Gretchen is impressed by the results.

Dr. Tyler Hales is well-recognized for his excellent smile transformations, making him one of the leaders in the dental and cosmetic industry today. Widely acclaimed for his expertise, unrivaled customer service, and innovative techniques, he continues to capture the attention of celebrities, influencers, and TV personalities, including Real Housewives of Orange County’s Slade Smiley and his wife, Gretchen.

The comprehensive process at the core of Dr. Tyler Hales’ practice was introduced to Slade and Gretchen during the reality star’s actor’s aesthetic check with the highly trusted dentist. An essential step to the entire treatment process plan, the session aims to examine what patients envision their smiles transforming into. 

“His main concern was the length of the front teeth,” Dr. Tyler Hales said when asked about Slade’s visit. “Because of this appointment, we know that we have to take those down. It’s not a big change, but on him, he saw how huge it was.”

A pretreatment test run that allows patients to see the final output of a specific cosmetic work, the Smile Test Drive gives them the chance to see how veneers could improve the shape, size, color, and symmetry of their smiles. “That’s so vital to my process where we can sit down and go over what it looks like, what shape we have and is that something that they like,” Dr. Tyler Hales said.

Needless to say, the RHOC stars had nothing but praise for the celebrity cosmetic dentist. “He actually makes it exciting to come in,” Slade said after the aesthetics check. “You think you’re doing fine  can defy it until he actually comes in and does a test drive.”

Boasting an impressive portfolio and a long list of achievements under his belt, Dr. Tyler Hales has built a reputation backed by a track record that speaks not only of his technical know-how but also of his commitment to helping people look their best to feel their best. At the heart of his efforts is recognizing that one’s smile can impact how individuals perceive themselves and interact with others. 

Dr. Tyler Hales started carving a position within the competitive cosmetic dentistry industry, establishing a practice in 2013 that would soon flourish into a thriving practice trusted by countless clients. 

The extent to which the California-based professional has consistently delivered the promises of Hales Parker Dentistry can be credited to his utilization of innovative approaches that change the way veneers and other cosmetic work are conducted. His famous Smile Test Drive, in particular, has allowed patients to see the difference tailored cosmetic services can make. 

After almost a decade since its launch, Dr. Tyler Hales’ Hales Parker Dentistry is now known far and wide for its comprehensive dental care. It has served within its space those who wish to see their smiles transform into ones they can proudly wear every day. In the years to come, the go-to practice is expected to facilitate and witness the makeover of so many more, thanks to the capable hands of its well-respected founder.


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