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Driving Value Creation with Strategy, Process, & Data: Doug Pace Explains How Stonehill Engineers Success for Major Brands

Driving Value Creation with Strategy, Process, & Data: Doug Pace Explains How Stonehill Engineers Success for Major Brands

In the lively ecosystem of business consultancy, one sage voice rings with clarity amidst the clamor of buzzwords and fleeting trends. This voice belongs to Doug Pace, the operator at the heart of Stonehill—a strategy and innovation consultancy that stands out for sculpting success in the Fortune 1000 and private equity spheres.

I sat down with Pace to unravel the processes and philosophies underpinning Stonehill’s award-winning approach. The company, birthed after Pace sold a thriving digital agency, has cemented itself as a vanguard of strategic excellence. 

“Creating scalable systems that generate profit is embedded in my DNA,” Pace shares. “We utilize strategy maps and structured interviews to lay bare the strategic initiatives vital for a brand’s evolution.” At Stonehill, the realization that business is simple but people are often the complicating factor drives a unique blend of human-centric design with data-focused decision-making.

Pace emphasizes the significance of process: “A common oversight in the business world is the undervaluing of robust processes—not just having them, but meticulously documenting, training, and enforcing accountability.” Stonehill’s process places a magnifying glass over both the machinery and the human components of any business strategy. 

Once the process is in place, Stonehill’s team zeroes in on key performance indicators (KPIs), with Pace skillfully constructing a management scorecard from these metrics. “It’s a blend of art and science—managing the process closely, watching the data, and remaining agile enough to pivot based on what the numbers tell us,” Pace details with the precision of a seasoned strategist.

Stonehill’s prowess extends to integrating technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and guiding companies through the oft-turbulent waters of post-merger integration. Their process draws from the fields of manufacturing, distribution, professional services, financial services, consumer goods, and healthcare, to name a few—proficiencies acknowledged by accolades like the United States Chamber of Commerce Emerging Business of the Year and Insight Magazine Design Leader of the Year.

The consultancy’s asset is its multidisciplinary approach, uniting human-centric design with relentless value creation and transformation fuelled by data analytics. This trifecta is applied in service centers sprawled across Atlanta, Chicago, Tampa, and New York, where the Stonehill team collaborates with influential brands to plot paths for growth that are both innovative and data-driven.

“In all reality, business is simple; people are difficult. Many in business seem to forget this,” Pace muses, encapsulating a deceptively simple truth that, when acknowledged, can be incredibly empowering. Stonehill thrives by placing people, processes, and data at the fulcrum of value creation.

For businesses looking to leverage Stonehill’s expertise, Doug Pace’s presence on LinkedIn is a beacon for those seeking to chart a course through the challenging waters of value creation. The company serves as both compass and map, emanating a philosophy where every challenge is met with a cocktail of empathy, evidence, and efficiency.

Stonehill, under Pace’s experienced guidance, thus stands out as a consultancy that recognizes the multifaceted nature of today’s business environment—one that crafts bespoke solutions with the combined might of human acuity and analytical precision.

As I wrapped up my conversation with Pace, it became apparent that Stonehill isn’t just in the business of providing answers; it’s about rewriting the questions. By bridging the human element with strategic insights and concrete analytics, Doug Pace and his team at Stonehill are not just driving value—they are redefining it.


Published By: Aize Perez


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