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Founder of Multi-Million Dollar Startup Starts SEO and E-commerce Agency

Finding someone with proven results should always be the best practice when seeking out consultants to work with. Unfortunately, there are a lot of so-called experts who are all talk but no show. That is not the case with Tanner Haas, owner and founder of Zeke SEO, who brings actual experience in scaling an online business. 

In August 2021, Tanner sold Fitore Nutrition for $2.3 million, after only eight months of starting the venture. 

Zeke SEO is a marketing and consulting firm that provides search engine optimization strategies, website development, and paid advertising as its core services. Its foundation is centered on the founder’s experience with business, marketing, and website development. 

After only four weeks of operations, Zeke SEO has attracted quite a significant clientele, including Manifest Pharmacy, a low-cost online pharmacy, and Cloud9 Healthcare, a telehealth disruptor. The firm has also started working with TRX Gold, a publicly traded company in the gold mining industry. Zeke SEO’s portfolio of high-profile clients also includes Revive Health and Aria Integrative Health.

Tanner has the vision to build his SEO and marketing firm up as one of the most reliable service providers. “We are going to try to separate ourselves through our customer-centric approach, our willingness to get stuff done, and just the fact we have been there and succeeded,” shares the company founder and CEO. “It’s quite different from many of our competitors that just don’t have experience and yet are still advising clients on what to do.”

With a knack for bringing results, Zeke SEO does not just stand on past successes. It also looks to the future and promises more growth for its clients, even more than what Tanner had achieved in his time with Fitore Nutrition. This entrepreneur is not only gifted in marketing and business development; he also loves and enjoys it to the core. What excites Tanner most is getting into a challenging project and bringing results that were unthought of before. He also makes it a point to be available to all his clients, working non-stop to provide them with strategies, insights, and peace of mind.

On top of SEO and paid advertising consulting, Zeke SEO has begun to branch out to other marketing practices, including graphic design, assistance with Amazon Web Services, Facebook and Instagram advertising, and web development, among many others. With all this in its arsenal, the firm provides a way to fulfill its mission of helping clients achieve their key performance metrics and grow into industry leaders. Tanner has been deemed “the founder for the founders” and continues to stand by that identity as he helps business owners and executives succeed through proven digital marketing strategies.


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