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Four Seasons Takes Action on Mental Health Awareness

Four Seasons
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The fashion industry has always been a platform where people can express their individuality and identity. However, when it comes to mental health awareness, the message has not gotten through to society as much as it should have. To help promote the movement for mental health awareness, several establishments across multiple industries have joined the cause to emphasize the importance of mental health.

Leading the charge is the fashion brand, Four Seasons. Founded by Rene Andre Ebelle and his team, Four Seasons is dedicated to promoting the acceptance of time and seasons, and finding the perfect balance between ethics and high fashion. The company is driven by craftsmanship and sustainability.

To support the cause, Four Seasons is using a percentage of its quarterly profits to aid in mental illness research. Through sustainable fashion, the brand promotes the art of treating life as time and seasons, adjusting to different circumstances of life. “Life is just like the season,” the company explained in a statement. “Every season is one of becoming but not always blooming.”

“We’re thrilled to be joining this important movement,” said Ebelle. “We believe that fashion should be a platform for expression, individuality, and identity, but it’s also important to recognize the importance of mental health. By working to improve mental health awareness and support research, we hope to make a real difference in people’s lives.”

Four Seasons encourages other brands in the fashion industry and beyond to join the movement for mental health awareness and support mental health research. Four Seasons and their strength is that together, we can make a positive impact on mental health and wellness.

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