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Game-Changing Padding System for Boxers

Game-Changing Padding System for Boxers
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

In the evolving landscape of boxing gear, Hit N Move is making waves with its innovative Precision Headgear, featuring a multi-layered micro absorption padding system. This cutting-edge technology promises to enhance protection while maintaining the agility and performance essential for fighters.

Strategic Innovation for Optimal Protection

Hit N Move has strategically placed multi-layered padding in critical areas such as the chin, temple, cheeks, and back of the head. Unlike traditional headgear that relies on a single layer of padding, the Precision Headgear uses multiple layers to disperse the force of impacts effectively. This innovative approach eliminates the need for bulky padding, offering unparalleled protection without compromising mobility. The precise padding placement and multi-layer design allow fighters to maintain their fluidity and speed, crucial for both training and competition.

Collaboration with Experts for Validation

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the Precision Headgear, Hit N Move collaborated with Virginia Tech, a leading institution known for its rigorous testing standards. The headgear underwent thorough testing at the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, where it was benchmarked against some of the most popular models in the market, including those from Japan, the USA, and Mexico.

The results were nothing short of impressive. The Precision Headgear demonstrated safety levels comparable to traditional options while being significantly more compact and providing better visibility. This validation from a reputable source underscores the reliability and effectiveness of Hit N Move’s innovative design.

Game-Changing Padding System for Boxers

Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Advanced Micro Padding Technology

The micro padding system in the Precision Headgear sets it apart from traditional single-padding gear. This advanced system reduces the propagation of impact, effectively minimizing the shock that travels through the headgear. By absorbing and dissipating the energy from punches, the micro padding provides superior protection, allowing fighters to stay focused and perform at their best.

Enhancing Performance Through Design

One of the standout features of the Air Armor Precision Headgear is its lightweight and slim design. As the lightest and slimmest cheek guard headgear on the market, it allows for more precise movements, closely simulating real fight conditions. This reduced weight and size enable fighters to react faster and move more freely, enhancing their ability to slip punches and roll with hits.

A Monumental Step in Boxing Gear

Hit N Move’s commitment to innovation and safety is evident in the development of the Precision Headgear. This product represents a monumental step forward in the design of boxing headgear, prioritizing both protection and performance. The years of rigorous testing and optimization at Virginia Tech have resulted in a product that not only meets but exceeds the standards set by traditional headgear.

Game-Changing Padding System for Boxers

Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Setting a New Standard

The Precision Headgear by Hit N Move combines a sleek, slim structure with a lightweight form, allowing fighters to move with unparalleled agility in the ring. The ability to maintain fluid movement without sacrificing protection is a game-changer for athletes who strive to perform at their peak.

As the boxing world continues to evolve, Hit N Move is at the forefront, setting new standards for quality, safety, and innovation. The Precision Headgear is a testament to the company’s dedication to enhancing the sport and providing athletes with the tools they need to succeed.


In conclusion, the Air Armor Precision Headgear marks a significant advancement in boxing equipment. With its multi-layered micro absorption padding system and collaboration with Virginia Tech, Hit N Move has created a product that redefines protection and performance. As fighters don this revolutionary headgear, they can step into the ring with confidence, knowing they are equipped with the best in modern boxing technology.


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