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Mastering the Social Media Balancing Act: Insights from Dr. Joyce Kahng

Mastering the Social Media Balancing Act: Insights from Dr. Joyce Kahng
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In today’s technologically-driven world, the integration of social media into professional practices has revolutionized the way experts are able to market and expand their reach. Yet, for many individuals in fields such as dentistry, managing social media alongside a demanding vocation can feel like a daunting task. Being a dentist is already a highly demanding job, which is why it makes sense that one of the biggest challenges that halts most specialists from starting their journey on social media is the idea of adding more to their plate. Dr. Joyce Kahng, a dental professional and self-taught business owner, offers valuable insight into her experience of successfully incorporating social media into her dental practice while effectively managing her time.

Dr. Kahng’s story mirrors the challenges faced by numerous professionals striving to find a balance between their career and the demands of social media. As a dental practice owner, Dr. Kahng’s primary focus is on her dental practice, but she has been able to simultaneously accumulate a strong online presence to market her services and connect with a broader audience. Having been creating online content on Instagram and TikTok since 2018, Dr.Kahng has figured out how to maximize the benefits of social media after growing to over 400,000 followers on TikTok and over 100,000 Instagram followers. 

How to Fit Content Creation Into Your Schedule

In many professional fields, the flexibility to choose one’s schedule is often limited, as the conventional 9-to-5 routine prevails. If possible try dedicating a day a week or time block your schedule specifically for content creation. The misconception about using social media for business growth lies in its perceived casual nature, overlooking the substantial time commitment it demands. Dr.Kahng, in her pursuit of integrating social media effectively, dedicates an additional day to her routine. Amid her regular workweek—consisting of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday—she dedicates Thursdays for content creation, transforming her at-home setup into the perfect filming studio.

Creating Video Content

Film Multiple Videos at Once

Streamlining your content creation process can be achieved by filming multiple videos in one session. This efficient approach is perfect for individuals with hectic schedules as it significantly economizes time since you only need to set up to film once. By planning ahead and having a clear vision for each video, you can maximize your filming sessions and create a bank of content to use over time.

In just one day, Dr. Kahng is able to film multiple short and long form videos. She aims to have around three ready for the week. Filming and editing TikToks and Instagram reels is an almost identical process and the trick is to upload the same video on not just those two platforms, but Pinterest and YouTube Shorts as well. 

In summary, you need time for:

  • Research
  • Getting camera-ready
  • Setting up filming equipment 
  • Filming the content 
  • Editing 
  • Posting online

Tip: To save time during filming hours, start researching trends while scrolling social media casually throughout the week.

Struggling with a creative block? Revisit previously posted content that generated high engagement and reached a wide audience. You can then create content that tackles similar subjects or edit videos using the same format. This strategic approach allows you to tap into the effectiveness of certain styles or topics, streamlining your content creation process by embracing a consistent format that draws on your existing familiarity. 

Posting Quick Daily Content

The easiest and quickest type of videos to share are stories, especially on platforms like Instagram. Stories are great because you don’t need a fancy setup or editing skills. They’re meant to be casual and aim to efficiently engage viewers.  Dr. Kahng will post multiple stories throughout the day, whenever she has a break at the office or even after work. Just remember that stories only last for 24 hours.

Consistency is Key

Naturally, for many individuals, posting on social media starts out as a spontaneous act, lacking a sense of structure. Particularly when just beginning, people might not initially approach it with discipline and instead post whenever the mood strikes. Dr. Joyce, however, observed significant growth when she adopted a consistent posting schedule. This necessitates having pre-filmed content ready for sharing throughout the week, a strategy she refers to as a batching system. Relying solely on posting in response to trends can hinder consistency—a lesson Dr. Kahng learned through trial and error. The best way to manage this is by saving fully editing videos to your drafts and then posting from your drafts wherever content is scheduled. Building up your drafts with ready-to-share content ensures a surplus of videos that can be readily posted at any time. This approach comes in handy; if your demanding career requires more of your focus, you can rely on this stress-free reservoir of content.

Build a Strong Team

For busy professionals, outsourcing tasks can be a time-saving solution. With the growth of online communities, managing social media becomes more complex, adding to the workload. Social media involves various aspects, and experts can often achieve better results than individuals juggling multiple responsibilities.

Here’s a breakdown of how Dr. Joyce Kahng outsources: 

  • Video Editor: Dr. Kahng has someone helping edit all long form content that is posted on her YouTube channel. 
  • Researcher: Researches titles and puts descriptions on YouTube videos to boost SEO. 
  • Widespread posting: Take all of her TikTok videos and reposts them onto Facebook, YouTube shorts, and Pinterest. 
  • Manager: Secures and negotiates brand deals and collaborations, while also handling all email communications related to social media. 
  • Publicist: Securing press placement, boosting SEO, and driving organic Google searches to her practice’s website and social media accounts. 

Engage with Your Online Community

Engaging with your audience across various social media platforms plays a vital role in establishing an online presence. The beauty of this process lies in its time efficiency—it can be seamlessly integrated during breaks with patients or in spare moments, even if they’re brief. Dr. Kahng interacts with her online community primarily through responding to Instagram DMs and story replies. Direct messaging offers a simple yet effective avenue to foster genuine one-on-one connections with followers.

Be Hands-On & Authentic

While outsourcing can be incredibly helpful, maintaining the authenticity of your online presence and ensuring that your Instagram aligns with your business’s brand is equally important. Completely handing it over to someone else might dilute its genuine nature and fail to represent your desired image. Seek balance to help know when to involve experts who can enhance efficiency and enable you to focus on your core ambitions.

In essence, achieving a lot with the time you have is possible. Many wonder how Dr. Joyce Kahng manages numerous responsibilities in a single day, and her response is that it comes with learning, experience, and effective time management. Being actively engaged in the process and acknowledging that patience and trial-and-error are essential for results. When starting, consider navigating the entire process independently before turning to outsourcing. A firsthand grasp, even if basic, plays a pivotal role in ensuring long-term success.

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