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NW Premier Seeks Skilled Remote Bookkeepers to Join Their Mission of Being the Go-To Financial Advocates for Realtors and Independent Contractors

NW Premier
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NW Premier Creative Financial Solutions is a rapidly growing financial consulting firm that specializes in working with realtors and independent contractors. They have clients all over the United States and are dedicated to helping them grow their profits through accurate, proactive bookkeeping and creative tax strategies.

One of the key ways NW Premier helps its clients succeed is by providing top-notch bookkeeping services. The company is currently seeking skilled and reliable remote bookkeepers to join their team. The ideal candidate will have experience in managing financial records, preparing reports, reconciling accounts, and being an expert in Quickbooks Online.

Working as a remote bookkeeper with NW Premier offers many benefits. Not only will chosen candidates have the opportunity to work with a dynamic and growing company, but they will also enjoy the flexibility of a remote work environment. As bookkeepers, they will be responsible for maintaining accurate financial records, preparing financial reports, and managing around 15 to 20 clients.

NW Premier

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The company is looking for a proactive and detail-oriented self-starter with a strong bookkeeping background who can work independently and who has excellent communication skills.

Current bookkeepers at NW Premier are thrilled with the work they do and the team they work with. Jeri K., a bookkeeper at the firm with 17 years of bookkeeping experience at different firms, said, “Being a bookkeeper at NW Premier is by far the best position I’ve ever held in my 17-year career. The work is extremely fulfilling and the hours are flexible, but more than that, I’m treated as a highly valued member of an awesome team with an incredibly important mission.” Molly B., another bookkeeper at the firm, added, “I love working with a team of problem-solvers. When a novel challenge appears, our bookkeepers get interested, dig in and collaborate to find the best solution. As a team we are always looking to improve upon our methods together.”

If you’re interested in joining NW Premier’s mission to be the go-to financial advocate for realtors and independent contractors across the US, visit their website and fill out their form.


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