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Omar L. Harris: Redefining Leadership through the Power of J.E.D.I Principles

Omar L. Harris
Photo Credit: National Press Club

By: Omar L. Harris

Undeniably, Omar L. Harris is not your regular leadership expert. His background is steeped in extraordinary diversity and influence. Having navigated corporate landscapes across multiple continents, from the United States and South America to Asia and the Middle East, for over two decades, he is a powerful testament to resilience and adaptability. 

His storied history of overcoming the odds and breaking existing racial barriers, such as being the first African American General Manager at two global companies, showcases the power of inclusive leadership.

A multi-linguist who fluently speaks five languages, the seasoned executive coach pens an impressive collection of eight best-seller books, each exploring a different facet of his leadership expertise. Highlights include “Leader Board: The DNA of High-Performance Teams” and signature work such as “The J.E.D.I. Leader’s Playbook: The Insider’s Guide to Eradicating Injustices, Eliminating Inequities, Expanding Diversity, and Enhancing Inclusion.”

Harris’s philosophy holds self-awareness as a cornerstone of effective leadership. However, he asserts that this quality is severely lacking in existing leadership models, with only 15% of people being truly self-aware. According to Harris, the reasons signaling this deficit are threefold:

  1. The unbalanced calibration of intrinsic and extrinsic self-awareness – what we know about ourselves versus what others know about us.
  2. A paradoxical relationship between self-awareness, age, and success. Often, as individuals age or taste success, they tend to refrain from self-questioning and instead double down on what has worked so far.
  3. The context-driven aspect of self-awareness means that invariable life contexts might alter a person’s self-perception and, therefore, their self-awareness.

Harris’s work emphasizes that by acknowledging these factors and understanding their implications, leaders can better manage their blind spots and make informed decisions, instilling trust and driving organizational transformation.

As a change leader, Omar L. Harris values diversity and encompassing inclusion. His pioneering J.E.D.I. (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) methodology calls on leaders to gradually dismantle societal injustices and inequities, fostering environments championing diversity and inclusion. His meticulous efforts in cultivating a culture of acceptance and respect reflect a positive global impact that has resonated worldwide.

Harris’s innovative methods have not gone unnoticed, as he was selected to join the prestigious Speak, Sell, Shine at the National Press Club. A passionate musician who plays seven instruments, Harris is also preparing to launch a global summit series and a new technology platform.

Omar L. Harris has diligently carved his path, transforming the leadership landscape. His mission to infuse J.E.D.I. principles into leadership will continually inspire and equip emerging and established leaders with transformational insights to steer progress in the face of uncertainty.

Looking to the new year, one thing is certain: Omar L. Harris continues to change the leadership narrative, standing as a beacon of inspiration for socially responsible leaders across the globe.

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