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Philip Smith, the Go-To Provider of Consulting Services for Go-Getters Aiming to Start and Scale a Business

Philip Smith
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The latest advancements in digital technology have transformed the social, economic, and political landscapes, and no industry is unaffected by the rise of online-based platforms and tech-powered innovations. For one, the entrepreneurial realm has changed irrevocably, arguably growing more dependent on digital approaches to starting and scaling a business. While traditional strategies remain crucial and effective, it is undeniable that wielding the power of digital tech can spell the difference between thriving and failing in the competitive world of business. Phil Smith, the mind at the helm of the acclaimed lead generation and digital marketing service provider Philipfsmith, is all too aware of the extent to which digital solutions enable success. Banking on the heights he’s reached himself, he has taken on the mission to help companies drive leads and sales online. 

Widely considered one of the top experts in digital marketing and lead generation, Philip Smith has an impressive portfolio attached to his name. Over the years, he has managed to impress industry peers and clients alike with his expertise in several fields and the passion he constantly demonstrates for guiding those under his wing toward the goals they want to materialize.

Today, Phil Smith is enjoying his position at the forefront of the industry, a place he secured after making the bold move of going against the grain and carving his own path. Like many others, he grew up in a generation that believed that the traditional course – one that involves going to college, earning a degree, and landing a nine-to-five job — is the shortest route to a financially stable life. However, ten years ago, he decided to live his life on his own terms and seek the freedom that being one’s own boss can provide. 

“After getting fed up with corporate America, I decided to figure out how to have the freedom to do what I want when I want,” said Phil Smith. “As you can probably guess, I figured it out.”

Currently, Phil Smith stands as one of the largest online lead generators in the business loan space. Joining forces with Shark Tank’s Original Shark, Kevin Harrington, he launched Philipfsmith, a company dedicated to providing top-notch services to go-getters looking to build a business of their own. 

Together, Phil Smith and Kevin Harrington spearhead the operations of two major selections of offerings: lead generation and consulting services. Their lead generation services, particularly, have made a considerable buzz for their comprehensive take on growing a business. 

“High quality, fresh leads are the lifeline for any business,” asserted Phil Smith. Armed with this belief, he and his team at Philipfsmith go the extra mile to provide leads to various verticals via multiple marketing channels, doing so since 2006. “We take pride in driving high conversions for our clients.”

Shortly after entering the lead generation scene, Phil was able to rise through the ranks and earn the trust of a long list of clients. Its reputation was then cemented even more solidly following the corresponding success of its digital marketing consultation services led by Kevin Harrington. 

Boasting over fifty years of experience in marketing and behind-the-scenes work that resulted in over six billion in sales, Kevin Harrington has become a household name. He is responsible for the launch of massively successful products like The Food Saver, Ginsu Knives, The Great Wok of China, The Flying Lure, and more. Additionally, he has teamed up with several celebrities, including Billie Mays, Tony Little, Jack Lalanne, and George Foreman. 

Kevin Harrington’s track record speaks not only of his acumen but also of his expertise in helping companies skyrocket their online revenue, and he is using this expertise to propel the ventures of the clients under Philipfsmith toward the next level.

Philipfsmith has been a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years. He’s sold 3 companies and for 4 years he made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the country. He has emerged as a go-to provider of lead generation and digital marketing consultation services since 2015. With its in-depth understanding of the dynamic entrepreneurial realm and expertise in harnessing the potential of digital technology, it is set to keep its standing at the top in the years to come.


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