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Pocial: Empowering Small and Medium-Sized Businesses with Innovative Marketing Solutions

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Pocial, a leading Technology & Ad Firm, is revolutionizing the way small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) approach marketing and advertising. By providing a comprehensive suite of services, including Zero Party Data, Digital Advertising, and the upcoming Pocial AI, the company enables SMBs to compete with major marketing departments at a fraction of the cost of in-house operations.

Co-founded by Clifton Cooper and Greg Middleton, Pocial stands out in the marketplace by combining technology expertise with advertising prowess. This unique advantage allows the company to continually develop proprietary products that give them an edge in the advertising industry. One such product – to be launched later this year – is Pocial AI, which will leverage their extensive marketing insights database to automate highly targeted marketing campaigns.

In a recent interview, Clifton Cooper, co-founder of Pocial, emphasized their differentiation: “Pocial is both a technology firm and an advertising agency; this gives us a huge advantage in the market because the technology side of the company is continually creating proprietary products that give us an edge in the advertising market.”


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Amidst the challenges brought on by the recent pandemic, Pocial demonstrated resilience and adaptability. Understanding the shift towards online platforms, the company focused on helping their clients establish a stronger online presence and connect with their customers. For instance, Pocial built an online workout channel for a gym, enabling them to host virtual workouts and build an on-demand portfolio of workouts. Similarly, they assisted restaurants in setting up websites with online ordering and curbside pickup options. Pocial even developed virtual wine tasting cards, allowing individuals to engage in wine tasting experiences with friends remotely.

Regarding their own marketing strategies, Greg Middleton, the other co-founder of Pocial, shared insights with us: “We’ve used a variety of mediums such as email, social media, search, and display retargeting. However, we also believe strongly in traditional organic growth. We are very active in our communities, from coaching Youth Basketball or sponsoring Youth Programs & Teams, to simply stopping in local businesses and striking up a general conversation. Whether we do business together or not, we pride ourselves in knowing about the people in our communities.”


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Pocial’s growth trajectory was significantly influenced by their early client engagements. Over the years, they have partnered with various media outlets, acting as a bridge to provide additional value to their clients. These experiences taught them the importance of staying true to their company’s vision, helping shape their current identity as a marketing agency and data technology company.

While Pocial has expanded its operations to India, establishing partnerships with Antier Solutions to scale resources for project fulfillment, their headquarters remain in the USA. Clifton Cooper expressed his belief in the entrepreneurial spirit fostered by the United States: “In the USA inspiration is everywhere, and its industry agnostic. Seeing how hard work and dedication to one’s craft can propel them to success in any field from plumbing to investment banking further reinforces our belief that there’s no place that fosters the Entrepreneurial spirit like the USA.”

Recent expansions have seen Pocial establish a second location in the east end of the Coachella Valley, along with a satellite office in San Diego. These strategic moves aim to capture new markets and position Pocial for further growth in the San Diego region over the next two years.

Looking ahead, Pocial’s most ambitious project is Pocial AI, which represents the culmination of over a decade of work. Pocial AI streamlines the process of collecting user data and automating marketing campaigns. By replacing existing sign-up forms with their innovative solution, businesses can gather valuable information to create highly targeted campaigns. Over time, Pocial AI’s machine learning algorithms analyze the collected data and provide tailored marketing suggestions based on age groups, regions, and interests. The platform generates copy for email blasts, display ads, social media posts, and more, alleviating the burden of data analysis and campaign creation for business owners.

Cooper expressed his optimism for Pocial AI’s impact: “Our hope is that this will help business owners focus on growing and managing their businesses while our AI can do the heavy lifting of data analysis and campaign creation.”

Pocial’s commitment to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology and advertising solutions sets them apart in the industry. By providing SMBs with access to advanced marketing tools and resources, Pocial is leveling the playing field and driving growth for businesses of all sizes.

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