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Real Estate Investor, James Vitas Is Dominating The Industry

VMD Companies was created by James Vitas, a 19-year-old entrepreneur, in his basement in 2004. A metal-willed determination, unfailing persistence, and an unfathomable work ethic helped James Vitas build VMD Companies into what it is today. A New England-based company, VMD Companies, embodies an entrepreneurial, creative, hands-on approach to real estate. VMD Companies is a full service vertically integrated Real Estate investment shop.

At VMD Companies, James Vitas is responsible for the acquisition and entitlement process as well as the financing, leasing, and disposal of commercial properties. In particular, James Vitas focuses on opportunistic investments and value-add strategies to maximize firm returns. James Vitas works closely with VMD’s LP base, lending relationships, and an array of the firm’s high-profile network. As Executive Chairman, James Vitas has overseen the company’s growth throughout the Great Recession, credit crisis, and recent COVID-19 outbreaks. James Vitas specializes in navigating challenging times and complex transactions. James Vitas has overseen and invested over $1 Billion in real estate under the management of VMD Companies.

As a result of its efforts, VMD Companies has become a business tycoon. It was in 2012 that VMD Companies received an award from the New Hampshire Planners Association and American Society of Civil Engineers for the project of the year. A second time in 2016, VMD Companies was awarded the project of the year by the State of New Hampshire. The largest single tenant net lease transaction in US history is Vitas’ most cherished accomplishment to date. James Vitas acquired the 827,336 square foot NECCO facility for $52 million and later sold it 18 months later for $355 million.

James Vitas and Phil Down, the new CEO of VMD Companies, have a bright future ahead of them. Phil Down, a Dickinson College and John Hopkins graduate, is thrilled to take on the role of CEO of such an incredible company. The role of Executive Chairman has been taken over by Vitas. As a vertically integrated company, VMD Companies has multiple divisions across multiple disciplines. It has always been a challenge for VMD Companies to stay contrarian by looking forward to the next best thing. With time, VMD Companies have evolved their institutional platform to be able to continue to succeed. VMD Companies holds alternative investments for the next five years, including multiple offshoots that allow it to diversify and capitalize on alternative assets. As the future unfolds, James Vitas will continue to dominate. Look out for all of the exciting investments VMD Companies are working on.


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