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Remedy PR & Bill Byrne Lead Modern PR Strategies

Remedy PR & Bill Byrne Leads Modern PR Strategies
Photo Courtesy: Bill Byrne

By: Jay Feldman

Longevity and success in public relations require not just creativity and skill but an innate ability to predict and adapt to the ever-evolving media landscape. While usually behind the scenes focusing on client needs, it has been a banner year for Bill Byrne, co-founder and managing director of Remedy PR and one of the leaders in the modern PR movement. Byrne’s insights and leadership in digital and traditional PR tactics have not only made his team a leading choice for consumer products, tech, and active outdoor brands but also made him a sought-after voice in modern public relations discussions.

Byrne is based in San Diego, and overseas Remedy team members located in New York, Los Angeles, and elsewhere throughout the country. He has unexpectedly seen his profile rise significantly this year, having been called a thought leader by notables in the industry and called upon to speak on modern PR trends and challenges facing the marketing landscape. Prominent PR industry platforms and publications such as Notified and Bulldog Reporter have featured him for his forward-thinking approach to PR and identifying key factors that PR teams might overlook in their service offerings, such as affiliate marketing. Earlier in 2024, Prezly, a leading provider of software solutions for the public relations industry, recognized Byrne as a thought leader in a feature on leadership in the PR space. 

“Remedy PR’s success is due to a media-first, team-driven perspective. We develop public relations programs in lockstep with the needs of the media in mind, with critical input from those on the team charged with delivering results,” commented Byrne.

Byrne’s commitment to elevating the standards of public relations is evident through his frequent collaborations with colleagues from other respected PR agencies. In 2024, he was invited to participate in two LinkedIn Live webinars addressing critical issues within the PR industry. The first webinar, hosted by B2B PR expert Michelle Garrett, delved into deceptive practices and pay-for-play placements—a contentious topic where Byrne’s insights offered much-needed clarity. In another enlightening session with Lindsey Smolan from VLIV Communications titled “What You Don’t Know About PR That Could Hurt Your Brand,” Byrne dissected the intricacies of earned media in today’s digital age.

His influence in the PR industry extends beyond webinars and white papers. San Diego State University welcomed Byrne as a guest lecturer on public relations. His mentorship role within the Techstars startup accelerator community underscores his dedication to nurturing new talent and innovative ideas that could redefine public relations strategies.

Before these notable achievements in 2024, Byrne had already established himself as a key figure in emerging media discussions at forums like the PRSA of New York City. His contributions to prominent PR industry websites such as Muckrack and Ragan’s PR Insider further solidify his reputation as a resourceful and insightful professional.

Under Byrne’s leadership, Remedy PR has flourished into one of the leading agencies specializing in securing excellent coverage for consumer products, tech companies, and brands within the active outdoor sector. His strategic vision has guided Remedy PR through challenges while consistently delivering impactful results for its clients. 

Remedy’s success under Byrne’s guidance can be attributed not only to innovative strategies but also his philosophy that plans need to be developed with direct input from the team executing the work. While Byrne is active in pitching media, he believes that the best ideas and strategies come from those who connect with journalists on a day-to-day basis. 

“Journalists don’t care about a brand’s KPIs. PR programs fall short when you don’t factor in the needs of the media first and utilize the experts on the team who deal with journalists on a day-to-day basis,” continued Byrne. 

Rather than brag about their PR wins, Remedy PR and Byrne use their social media presence to share their philosophy on PR across digital platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn. Byrne utilizes his personal LinkedIn page to feature his irreverent take on public relations and leverages his Instagram to showcase the necessary work-life balance he thinks is critical for success in the industry. His ability to navigate complex challenges while maintaining integrity showcases what it means to lead by example in today’s fast-paced world.

Remedy’s website serves as a portfolio highlighting their innovative thinking and expansive capabilities from strategy development to affiliate marketing.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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