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Renowned Business Accelerator Bimal Shah’s One-Year Business Acceleration System

Bimal Shah
Photo Credited to Bimal Shah

Bimal Shah, a business accelerator and entrepreneurship scalability expert, built “The One Year Breakthrough™ System. This system consists of “Four Unique 90-Day Leaps” that help you achieve your three-year goal in one year. The Four Leaps, described later, are set to revolutionize the world of entrepreneurship by helping you leap beyond your current limitations and unlock unprecedented growth opportunities.

The brainchild of Bimal Shah, a self-made entrepreneur with a remarkable journey, the 90-Day Leap for Entrepreneurs is designed to empower you to achieve your goals in record time. The cornerstone of the 90-Day Leap is the concept of becoming a Pioneer and focusing on exponential growth rather than linear progress. You can achieve great results by making leaps that take your business to 2X to 10X annually.

The biggest mistake you make when trying to leap forward is attempting to do so from a standing position. Think about it – when you jump standing up, you don’t go very far or high. You must take several steps back, build momentum, and propel yourself forward to make a significant leap. It’s akin to needing a running start and, sometimes, structure and a little extra support. 

The five biggest benefits of a structured leap with a fit and running start are:

1. Thinking Big allows you to clean up all the unseen mess: When you think of an impossible leap, you clean up all the things that are not useful to you in making that Leap. You may even choose to take a direction that you never thought of before. 

2. Building missing structures, processes, and systems. You get stuck in your day-to-day life and you aren’t able to see the big picture. Processes and systems can solve 96 percent of your problems. 

3. You will be better off even with failure: Even if you fall after leaping high, you will fall at a level higher than what you have ever reached before. You can fail successfully with Bimal’s FSF formula- Fail Fast, fail small, and fail forward. 

4. You Discover, Adapt, Pivot, Change, and Improve: Change is very difficult to achieve for many, and by taking these leaps, change comes rapidly. You will adapt, pivot, improve, learn, and change. 

5. A recurring system for life: The only constant is change, but the number of months in a year remains the same. This system allows you to replicate and improve it as you have four quarters every year. 

Bimal has taken our company from struggling to a thriving company with a dream team in record time. – Lawrence Einbinder, CEO of Florida Hot Tub and Spa, Inc. Bimal’s proprietary DOSE Business Scorecard system, makes Leap. It’s a powerful dose that business owners need to scale to the next level, helping you identify gaps in the 12 core functions of your business. This system isn’t just about identifying issues; it’s about building a strategy and execution plan that yields the most significant financial impact for the business. The system was built as a result of his journey. 

Bimal arrived in the United States with empty pockets, worked five jobs to pay for his out-of-state tuition, and graduated with over $20,000 in savings. After graduation, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, dedicating himself to helping others succeed.

Over the years, Bimal has successfully assisted over 1,000 entrepreneurs in securing their wealth. His wealth of experience has resulted in the creation of 13 books, an entire book series on becoming a Pioneer, and a vast collection of more than 200 Thinking Tools, webinars, and workshops designed to provide entrepreneurs with the resources and knowledge they need to grow. “If you want to build a self-managing company, Bimal is the guy”- Shawn Crow, CEO, Austen Enterprises. 

He emphasized, “I’m not a coach, a funder, a grant writer, or a consultant, but I’ve been called that. I’m not a Management Consultant, but people have called me that. I’m not a therapist, but people have called me that. I’m a business accelerator. I take businesses to the next level every quarter.”

Entrepreneurs interested in taking the 90-Day Leap for Entrepreneurs program can get started by accessing the DOSE Business Scorecard here.. By embarking on this journey, they will gain the tools, knowledge, and guidance needed to transform their businesses and achieve their 3-year goal in one year with these Four 90-Day Leaps. 

1st Biggest 90-Day Leap: Building a Solid Foundation: This initial Leap focuses on enhancing all aspects of your business – systems, processes, structures, culture, resources, capabilities, opportunities, dangers, and strengths. It’s about creating optimal and sustainable scaling algorithms and projects for your company. Before you can leap forward, you need a sturdy foundation to launch from.

2nd Biggest 90-Day Leap: Achieving Self-Management: The second Leap is all about implementation and execution. It aims to transform your business into a self-managing entity that operates smoothly and efficiently. Think of it as turning your business into a well-oiled machine.

3rd Biggest 90-Day Leap: Recurring Revenue Systems: The third Leap focuses on building recurring systems that drive targeted quarterly revenue improvements. It’s about creating predictable income streams that contribute to your business’s stability and growth.

4th Quarterly Leap: Sustainable Scaling: The fourth and final Leap is the ultimate test of sustainable scaling. At this stage, your business should be equipped with self-managing teams and executive leaders who can confidently take the longest vacation they’ve ever dreamed of. It’s a testament to the success of your scaling efforts.

The 90-Day Leap Structure: Within each 90-day Leap are four distinct stages designed to guide you on your journey to success.

  • Stage 1: Resolving your biggest challenge, pain, or frustration: One of the key takeaways here is the recognition that pain, challenges, and frustration are not all the same. Each requires a different approach for resolution. This stage helps you identify and address these issues effectively.
  • Stage 2: Cash Flow Optimization: Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. This stage focuses on building systems to improve your business’s cash reserves and cash flow, ensuring it remains healthy and sustainable.
  • Stage 3: Integrated Vision and Capabilities: Success isn’t just about addressing immediate concerns; it’s about building a holistic vision and the capabilities to achieve it. This stage helps you align your long-term vision with your day-to-day operations.
  • Stage 4: Building and Executing the 90-Day Blueprint In the fourth stage, you’ll develop a comprehensive 90-day blueprint that outlines your goals and the actions required to achieve them. Then, it’s all about executing this Blueprint using the Leap and sprints to realize your desired results.

By embarking on this journey, you will gain the tools, knowledge, and guidance needed to transform your businesses and achieve their long-term goals in just 90 days. “Every entrepreneur with big goals should consider hiring Bimal, and if I could have Bimal in my pocket and carry him around always, that would be great.”- Mike Barnhill, Managing Partner, Specialist Id. 

You can reach Bimal at to take your 90-day leaps. You can access his 13-book Pioneer Book Series or get the $100 Complimentary Amazon Gift Card to get the books for you and your team. You can start your next meaningful transformation here.


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