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ReVerb Distilling: Revolutionizing Texas Spirits with a Musical Twist

ReVerb Distilling: Revolutionizing Texas Spirits with a Musical Twist
Photo Credited to Craig Bryan

In the wake of Prohibition’s end, while some states quickly capitalized on the alcohol industry, others, particularly in the South, remained cautious, adhering to traditional and religious practices. However, the Texas spirits scene is now blossoming with innovative distilleries. Among them is ReVerb Distilling, spearheaded by Craig Bryan, a marine veteran and Austin resident. ReVerb Distilling, set to launch with four varieties including Bourbon Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Gin, and Rum, is a testament to Bryan’s love for Austin, the “Live Music Capital of the World.”

The Genesis of ReVerb

Craig Bryan’s passion for music significantly influences ReVerb Distilling. He believes in the power of music to enhance the aging process of spirits, leading to distinctive flavors. ReVerb employs a novel aging method where spirits are matured in barrels influenced by sound and music vibrations, intensifying the contact between the spirit and the barrel’s charred interior. This innovative approach not only enriches the flavor but also promises a superior quality product. Bryan envisions a future where each spirit reflects a specific musical genre, like a Rye Whiskey aged to Chris Stapleton’s tunes or a Rum matured with EDM beats.

Innovative Aging Techniques

Bryan elaborates on his unique aging process, which combines traditional barrel rolling and movement with musical exposure. The barrels undergo temperature variations, with music playing a crucial role during the cooling phase. This process infuses the spirits with distinct characteristics before they are ready for bottling.

A Tribute to the Marines

The meticulous design and aging process employed in crafting ReVerb’s Rum not only showcases the brand’s dedication to innovation but also pays a heartfelt tribute to Craig Bryan’s esteemed Marine Corps background. Every detail is thoughtfully considered, with aesthetic elements meticulously selected to reflect the distinguished colors and insignia of the Marine Corps. The barrels housing the rum are adorned with emblematic symbols, infusing each stage of the aging process with a profound sense of honor and respect for Bryan’s military service. This innovative approach not only adds a layer of artistic expression to the aging process but also seeks to evoke a sensory experience that resonates with the essence of the Marine Corps, creating a spirit that transcends traditional boundaries and captivates both the palate and the spirit of those who indulge. 

Commitment to Quality

Bryan’s future plans include not only aging but also manufacturing spirits. His focus remains on sourcing high-quality ingredients, drawing from his agricultural background to understand and select the best grains.

A Legacy in the Making

Bryan’s vision for ReVerb is rooted in his fond memories involving music and social gatherings. He aspires to create spirits that foster similar experiences for others.

Giving Back

Beyond business, Bryan is committed to philanthropy, supporting various organizations and local initiatives in Austin, reflecting his dedication to the community.

Future Developments

ReVerb Distilling is poised for a holiday season launch, with plans for an immersive distillery experience featuring live music and an innovative “live aging” process.


ReVerb Distilling emerges as a unique player in the Texas spirits market, blending the art of distillation with the rhythm of music, all under the stewardship of Craig Bryan, a man with a vision to revolutionize the industry.


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