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Shirrod Le’Det Introduces the Now-to-Next Blueprint – Transforming Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Business

Shirrod Le'Det
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Shirrod Le’Det, a renowned business owner, entrepreneur, and leadership development expert, is breaking barriers and redefining success with his innovative approach to business growth and leadership development. As the founder of LEDET Partners & Company, LLC and armed with an Executive MBA from Strayer University’s prestigious Jack Welch Management Institute Program, Le’Det brings over 18 years of leadership and management experience to the table.

Through his extensive journey from a FedEx package handler to holding high-ranking executive positions, Shirrod Le’Det has developed a unique perspective that has revolutionized how individuals, executives, leaders,and organizations approach personal and professional growth. His experiences have culminated in the creation of the Now-to-Next Blueprint, a transformative system that links life, leadership, entrepreneurship, and business in a seamless and effective manner.

At the heart of Shirrod Le’Det’s philosophy lies the idea that everything we do in life, leadership, entrepreneurship, and business is akin to solving a giant puzzle, looking at what we are building and how we are growing. Each piece represents an essential aspect of our lives, and understanding how they fit together leads to success, achievement and fulfillment.

In a recent interview, Shirrod Le’Det shared his vision for the Now-to-Next Blueprint:

“Our goal is in the future and we are in our present. The challenge is to bridge the GAPS between where we are NOW and the goal we want in the future, our NEXT. It’s in the GAPS where we run into overwhelming priorities that produce unproductive behaviors creating roadblocks and barriers to reaching our goals. Success and achievement is not without problems but those who achieve their success have learned how to solve their problems. Living successfully, getting the things we want from life is a matter of solving problems that stand between where we are NOW and the point we desire to be NEXT, this is the Now-to-Next Blueprint.”

The Now-to-Next Blueprint emphasizes the significance of self-discovery, effective leadership, and strategic planning. It acts as a roadmap for individuals, executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to identify where they are currently, where they want to be, and the steps required to bridge the gap.

Le’Det’s approach to personal and professional development is founded on evaluating one’s skills and abilities (the person) and crafting a clear strategy (the plan). He believes that by aligning these two elements, individuals, executives, leaders and organizations can unlock their full potential and achieve lasting success.

In addition to his expertise in leadership and entrepreneurship, Shirrod Le’Det is a certified John Maxwell Team Member and business coach, equipped to offer workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching based proven leadership methods. He is also an accomplished author, having penned “3 Foundational Mindsets For your Now-to-Next Blueprint” and co-authored “Whoo Influenced You?” & “Collaboration Creates Currency: The Blueprint for Visibility, Credibility, and Profitability.”

When asked what sets the Now-to-Next Blueprint apart from other development programs, Le’Det remarked:

“The Now-to-Next blueprint is so vast and so simplistic, but effective. It is used to improve professional and organizational outcomes by empowering executives, leaders, and teams to unlock their full potential and drive transformative growth. Through this coaching program, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of their current state, identify areas of untapped potential, and develop a strategic roadmap to achieve their next big opportunity.”

Through his teachings and the Now-to-Next Blueprint, Shirrod Le’Det empowers individuals to embrace continuous learning and growth, unlocking their leadership potential and transforming their business ventures into sustainable and thriving entities.

With his extensive experience in leadership, employee engagement, and culture development, Le’Det has dedicated himself to helping others create meaning in their lives and organizations. His speaking, coaching and workshops result in motivated employees, committed customers, and enhanced bottom-line performance.

To learn more about Shirrod Le’Det, the Now-to-Next Blueprint, and how his philosophy can unlock your potential for success, visit his website or connect with him on LinkedIn.


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