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SS Media Productions Offers State-of-the-Art Media Work Priced Affordably

The demand for digital media continues to grow as the years go by, especially because businesses are becoming more aware that the real competition in today’s generation is happening online. The same is true with the motion picture, music, and animation industries. Creators and producers are constantly looking for ways to offer a different experience to their audiences, and this is where SS Media Productions comes in. With its state-of-the-art technology, highly skilled and well-experienced employees, and a clear vision of its direction, the company is set to revolutionize several aspects of production.

SS Media Productions comprises a wide array of professionals who are always up for a challenge, no matter how difficult they may seem at first glance. The company is composed of actors, artists, and musicians whose passion for their craft is unmatched. Established in 2016, the company prides itself on being able to produce top-notch 3D animation projects, advertisements, graphic designs, and music, among others. 

If anything, SS Media Productions has easily become a one-stop shop that offers everything anyone may need to produce a 3D animation project. It also offers audio design, bilingual voiceovers, and visual effects editing. The team is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds, and together, they have managed to perfect their methods to guarantee that they finish a project on time and within budget. Having been in the animation production business for quite some time now, owner Obai Sukar is looking forward to bigger projects in the near future. 

Sukar is a sound engineer who finished at the Los Angeles Recording School in 2005. Long before he completed his degree, he was already working as an intern at 17, handling various jobs in the motion picture, music, and animation businesses. To put it simply, Sukar fell in love with the dynamics, potential, and thrill of the industry. His experiences inspired him to eventually establish his own company and promised to offer high-quality output sprinkled with a lot of passion.

While he encountered a lot of discouragement and setbacks at the beginning, Sukar did not let them stop him from achieving his mission. He designed SS Media Productions to be one of the best in the business that offers affordable prices. Understanding that there is a massive pool of competitors out there, Sukar opted to be guided by three major values: quality, maintaining a good reputation and keeping the client happy. 

Having spent 20 years of his life in production, Sukar understands the value of excellence—and it all began when he started creating his own cartoons. He has worked for several international companies and projects over the past years, generating many awards for SS Media Productions. As a result of his impressive track record, Sukar eventually became a respected name in the industry, admired by his colleagues, actors, and producers. 

“The fact that there are complex, sensitive projects executed flawlessly by us for various clients worldwide, we transcend the limitations of catering to a small community or country or language. Since I lived in many countries and I speak multiple languages, I have lots of cultural context and baggage,” Sukar shared. 

SS Media Productions will continue to be an emerging force to reckon with in the industry today. With Obai Sukar at the helm of bringing it to the next level, there is no doubt that it will dominate the industry in the next few years. 



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