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The Unique Giant Basket-Shaped Building – The Keranjang Bali

The Unique Giant Basket-Shaped Building - The Keranjang Bali
Photo Courtesy: Keranjang Bali

Amidst the advancements in modern architecture, an interesting phenomenon has emerged in Bali: a giant building that resembles a large basket. The Keranjang Bali, as the building is named, has become the center of attention on social media and a favorite destination for visitors who want to capture their unique moments.

Introducing The Keranjang Bali

The Keranjang Bali is a mesmerizing building with its unique design, resembling a giant basket. Located just a few minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport, this building is a shop that offers an extraordinary shopping experience in Bali.

Built in 2019 with 4 floors showcasing various thematic spots of Bali’s aesthetics, fashion products, souvenirs, food areas, and even an office space. The Keranjang Bali, with the tagline #BaliDalamSatuKeranjang (#BaliInOneBasket), brings the atmosphere of Bali through thematic Bali experiences and the best Bali SME products for the community.

Unique Features of The Keranjang Bali

Unique Building Design

This building is not only attractive to tourists but also to art and architecture enthusiasts.

One of the things that makes The Keranjang Bali so fascinating is its unusual design. With its shape resembling a giant basket, this building captures the attention of everyone passing by.

The giant basket-shaped building is 15.4 meters high and 58 meters wide. The facade of The Keranjang Bali features ornate details of the Karang Boma barong, adding a captivating Balinese touch.

The intricate ornament of the Karang Boma barong resembles the head of a bird. Karang Boma comes from the concept of the Bomantara story, which is believed to neutralize negative influences and misfortune.

Shopping Experience Concept

Unlike traditional souvenir shops, The Keranjang Bali offers more than just a place to shop. With its unique experiential concept, visitors can enjoy various thematic spots that bring the ambiance of Bali, from the Bali Bracelet Experience to the Monkey Forest.

Bali’s Signature Fashion Products

There are more than a thousand SME products available at The Keranjang Bali, ranging from F&B, crafts, accessories, and kitchenware to fashion.

The Keranjang Bali is known as an extraordinary souvenir center as it presents fashion products that are unusual and unique. From Solar Active T-shirts with color-changing Barong motifs to stylish beachwear, visitors can find a wide selection of fashion that reflects Balinese culture.

Food Area with Bali’s Delicacies

For culinary enthusiasts, The Keranjang Bali also offers a variety of delicious Balinese dishes. From pie susu to banana cake, visitors can enjoy various delectable snacks while immersing themselves in the unique atmosphere of this building.

Lastly, make sure to bring home some authentic Balinese souvenirs as mementos. From unique patterned shirts to traditional accessories, you will find plenty of options at The Keranjang Bali souvenir shop.

The Keranjang Bali is not just an ordinary building but a tourist destination that offers a unique experience for its visitors. With its unique design, different shopping concepts, and various Balinese products and cuisine, this building truly becomes a must-visit place when on the Island of the Gods. So, don’t miss the opportunity to visit The Keranjang Bali on your next trip to Bali!

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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