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Advanced Air Mitts for Boxing Coaches

Advanced Air Mitts for Boxing Coaches
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Boxing equipment has come a long way, but one area that lagged behind was focus mitts. Trainers and boxers have long struggled with the limitations and discomfort of traditional mitts. Enter the innovative air mitts from HIT N MO VE, specifically the newly released Mega Turtle Mitts—a larger, thicker, and softer version of the original Turtle mitts. This latest release promises to revolutionize the training experience with a host of advantages over regular boxing mitts.

Enhanced Shock Absorption and Comfort

One of the standout features of air mitts is their superior shock absorption. Traditional mitts often leave trainers and boxers dealing with joint stress and potential injuries due to the impact strain. However, the air mitts significantly reduce this strain, offering a more cushioned and less jarring experience. This not only protects both parties but also makes long training sessions far more comfortable. The added padding and softer materials ensure that the training is not just effective but also enjoyable, reducing the likelihood of injury and discomfort.

Durability and Realistic Feedback

The Mega Turtle Mitts are designed for longevity, capable of withstanding heavy and repetitive use. Unlike regular mitts that might wear out quickly, these air mitts boast enhanced durability, ensuring they remain a staple in any training regimen for a long time. Additionally, they provide better feedback and feel for the boxer. The realistic impact sensation helps fighters improve their punching technique and power, making every training session more productive.

Reduced Trainer Fatigue and Versatile Training Options

One of the significant benefits of air mitts is their ability to reduce fatigue for trainers. Traditional mitts can be heavy and cumbersome, leading to quicker exhaustion. The lighter weight and improved shock distribution of air mitts mean that trainers can endure longer sessions without the same level of fatigue. This is particularly beneficial for those conducting multiple sessions daily. Moreover, these mitts allow for a wider range of drills and combinations, making training sessions more dynamic and engaging.

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Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

The Story Behind the Turtle Mitts

The inspiration for the Turtle mitts is a testament to innovation driven by necessity and observation. HIT N MOVE, known for its commitment to blending science and technology with boxing equipment, identified a critical need for better focus mitts. The founder, Ozhan Akcakaya, who has a deep passion for boxing, noticed the anatomical dangers coaches faced daily. 

Traditional mitts required unnatural arm positions to simulate body shots, often leading to wrist and elbow pains.

During a run, Ozhan encountered a turtle attempting to cross the road. Struck by the similarity between the turtle’s shape and his vision for the perfect mitt, he trademarked “Turtle” and set out to create a product that would address these issues. After 14 months and numerous prototypes, the Turtle mitts were perfected. These mitts allow coaches to safely and effectively create body shot drills while maintaining fluid movement with their fighters.

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Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

The HIT N MOVE Legacy

HIT N MOVE’s journey is one of dedication and innovation. Founded by Ozhan Akcakaya, the company has consistently aimed to push the boundaries of boxing equipment. Ozhan’s background in boxing and his commitment to improving training tools have been pivotal in the company’s success. His wife, Alaina Akcakaya, serves as the Vice President of Public Relations, playing a crucial role in promoting the brand’s vision and products.

The company’s efforts have not gone unnoticed in the boxing world. Notable figures such as Calvin Ford, the main coach of Gervonta Davis, have adopted HIT N MOVE products, including the Turtle mitts, into their training camps. This endorsement from a renowned coach highlights the effectiveness and quality of these innovative mitts.


The release of the Mega Turtle Mitts marks a significant step forward in boxing training equipment. By addressing the shortcomings of traditional mitts and introducing a product that enhances comfort, durability, and versatility, HIT N MOVE has once again proven its dedication to advancing the sport. As trainers and boxers continue to seek better tools for their craft, the air mitts from HIT N MOVE stand out as a game-changing innovation that promises to elevate the training experience to new heights.



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