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Choosing the Right Representation for Your Divorce: The Excellence of Regal Law & Mediation, APC

Choosing the Right Representation for Your Divorce: The Excellence of Regal Law & Mediation, APC
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When facing a divorce in California, the choice of legal representation is crucial. This decision can significantly impact the outcomes of your case. In this context, the distinguished services of Regal Law & Mediation, APC, particularly those of Principal Attorney Anh Stenzel, stand out. This article explores the rights of spouses in a California divorce and how choosing the right representative, exemplified by the accolades of Regal Law & Mediation, APC, can make all the difference.

Understanding the Pillars of Divorce:

Community Property State

Understanding California’s community property laws is essential in divorce proceedings. Regal Law & Mediation, APC, with its deep knowledge of these laws, ensures appropriate and equitable division of assets and debts. Regal Law & Mediation APC provides family law services in the South Bay communities like Palos Verdes Estates, Torrance, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach.

Division of Marital Assets and Debts

The characterization and distribution of marital assets and debts in California require a comprehensive knowledge of California community property laws and other legal disciplines. Regal Law & Mediation, APC’s proficiency in handling complex financial matters makes them ideal for representing and advising spouses going through a divorce. Their expertise is particularly beneficial because there are various implications in the division of real properties, retirement accounts and secured assets.  For example, spouses dividing a family residence must understand capital gain taxes in the event of a sale.  Spouses with extensive retirement assets need counseling on the requirement of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. 

Spousal Support

Determining spousal support is a critical aspect of divorce in California. Spousal support (alimony) can be a substantial asset to divorcing parties, especially those who have been married for over ten years or those approaching retirement age.  Extensive laws and legal authorities regulate the assessment and determination of available spousal support.  Having an advocate like Regal Law & Mediation APC is not only recommended but also necessary if spousal support is an important part of your case.

Child Custody and Support

Child custody and visitation orders are based on the child’s best interests and later on, the “material change of circumstances” standard. In these matters, the compassionate and legally astute approach of Regal Law & Mediation, APC advocates for arrangements that benefit the child while respecting parental rights.

Legal Representation and Mediation

Selecting the proper legal representation, like Regal Law & Mediation and APC, is vital. Their approach to resolving family law disputes through negotiation or mediation and their commitment to clear communication positions them as a top choice in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Choosing the proper representation for your divorce 

Choosing Anh Stenzel as your divorce representative is backed by her impressive legal understanding and professional accolades. As the Principal Attorney at Regal Law & Mediation, APC, Anh Stenzel brings a wealth of experience and a track record of excellence. Her recognition as a SuperLawyer in 2022 and 2023 and her features in prominent publications like USA Today and LA Weekly underscore her capability to provide top-notch legal representation. Her approach to family law is characterized by a commitment to client-centric service, where she combines her legal expertise with empathy and understanding. Stenzel’s skills in mediation and negotiation and her commitment to keeping her clients informed and involved in their cases make her an ideal advocate for anyone going through a divorce.


In a California divorce, proper legal representation significantly affects the outcome. Regal Law & Mediation, APC, exemplified by the achievements and expertise of Principal Attorney Anh Stenzel, represents the pinnacle of legal excellence and client commitment. Their awards and recognitions are not just honors but a testament to their ability to handle the complexities of divorce with skill and compassion.

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