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Denver, Colorado Welcomes Aqua Strong Hood Cleaners

Denver, Colorado Welcomes Aqua Strong Hood Cleaners
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Kitchen Cleaning with Joy

A new hood cleaning business is coming to the Denver area.

For some of us, cleaning is a dreaded chore… and kitchen cleaning more than most things! But for Alexander, who’s starting the business “Aqua Strong Hood Cleaning” in Denver, Colorado, kitchen cleaning is a thing of great joy. Alexander’s pride is his business, his work, and how well he can serve those who require his services. He loves the way that a cleaned kitchen shines, and how it smells, and he loves the smiles on satisfied customers’ faces. Alexander is an immigrant who came to the USA in 2018 (to Denver) – and soon discovered his passion. He writes about his love of cleaning – doing it right, and doing it well. And he has no shortage of experience. He’s worked for four years in kitchen cleaning, as he’s built up his repertoire of skills and his familiarity with the systems, and made connections. Now he wants to take a leaf out of the book of the “American dream” – diving into starting his own cleaning business in the city that he now calls home. 

Alexander works hard, but he enjoys it. He told me, “The work isn’t easy, but I love it!” That joy is an inseparable part of his business model. His joy in doing a good job cleaning is evident in his interactions with customers – but also in the way in which he talks about his work. He told me, “The kitchen is the face of the owner. If the owner is happy with my work, the  customers are going to be happy.” 

Denver, Colorado Welcomes Aqua Strong Hood Cleaners

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Truly, his goal isn’t just to make it pass inspection, or to appear outwardly passable, while still harboring grease and stains inside the inner workings. Nor is his goal just to get the job done, and then move on. The reason he’s starting his own hood cleaning business is to truly make his clients happy – and then he shares in their joy, as they see their kitchen newly sparkle. And he has ample experience. He’s worked for a long time as a cleaner, and he has four years of experience as an independent contractor and working for others. He’s ready to take the next step – to start his own hood cleaning business, based on models set up in other major U.S.  cities like Miami and Chicago – but also specialized to Denver, a city that Alexander knows well and considers his home. 

Aqua strong will take your kitchen and make it like new. They specialize in hood cleaning services, but they’ll do a full cleaning of your commercial or private kitchen if that’s what’s needed. They’ll go over food trucks and make the interior as sparkly as it was the day it rolled out of the lot. The difference that a good, thorough cleaning can make to the little-seen and little-attended-to parts of a kitchen can be remarkable! 

Their services will include cleaning of exhaust hoods, exhaust fans, duct systems, grease containment systems, and rooftops, as well as pressure washing and power washing. (I bet  you didn’t even know there were that many components to a kitchen that needed to be  cleaned!) 

Aqua Strong Hood Cleaning promises to do a good job – so that your kitchen is resilient and able to withstand Dever’s harsh climate… and the intense work to which you put it. Whether you’re a small, gourmet restaurant in Highland or a food truck at Civic Center EATS, who serves thousands a day. They will catch problems before they snowball into something outside of your control – before a costly intervention is required. Their vision is similar to that of Kaiser  Permanente (a Denver hospital that focuses on preventative care): catch and fix anything that could be going wrong before it becomes a debilitating functional issue. 

Whatever part of the kitchen you need cleaned, Aqua Strong can do it. They’ll even find parts of your system that you didn’t realize were collecting grease, and clean those too! Alexander  promises, “Our team will pay close attention to your kitchen – so that you will be happy with  our work!” 

Schedule a consultation before the rest of Denver finds out about this, and Alexander has a  waiting list seven months long!


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