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DEEPER Women™ Lead Global Founder, Dr. Barbara Swinney on Empowering Women to Become Leaders

Stepping up to become a leader can be a highly demanding and arduous task. In fact, many feel that they do not have what it takes to accept such a challenging role. This feeling is especially common among women who are often discriminated against and looked down upon in the workplace. Seeing this dilemma, Dr. Barbara Swinney has dedicated her expertise to empowering women, not only in their careers, but also in their personal lives. 

The inspiring personality is an esteemed Life and Holistic Leadership Expert with extensive experience of almost 30 years as a leader in her profession, a coach, and a coach trainer.. Throughout her career, the outstanding thought leader has devoted herself to helping others pursue and achieve personal development. In fact, she has founded the DEEPER Leader™ Institute for Personal and Professional Development, an accredited coaching certification institute.

On top of that, the visionary has authored highly educational and inspirational books: It’s Always DEEPER: Six Steps to Achieving Perpetual Success and Twenty-Five Tips for Living the DEEPER Life. Dr. Swinney has also created DEEPER Women™ Speak, a platform established for women in leadership to heal, lead, and leverage their stories and strategies for life, love, and leadership.

As a renowned industry authority, what sets her apart is her profound understanding of what makes a true leader.  “My coaching, training, and coaching certification programs focus on clarity of identity, purpose, and vision as foundational to effective leadership in a broader context, leading from the true self to lead, grow, and develop others,” she explained. 

In 2020, she hosted the very first DEEPER Women™ Lead Virtual Conference, where participants learned how to become dynamic speakers, teachers, and leaders of their own lives and in the workplace. Because of the event’s unprecedented success, Dr. Swinney has hosted numerous other ventures with DEEPER Women™ Lead Global, including the Literary Collaboration, DEEPER Women Teach, the 2021 anthology project, and the 2022 DEEPER Women™ Lead Atlanta Conference.

When asked to share what motivates her to pursue such mindful and meaningful projects, the incredible woman candidly shared her experience with a string of adversities, including getting divorced and facing a major involuntary shift in her career within a span of six months. Yet, despite these immense hurdles, she powered through and persevered. Soon enough, she realized that her story is something that most women in leadership can relate to. 

As the thought leader insightfully explained, “Instead of having a place to process our personal problems, we stuff them; we put on our Ruby Woo Lipstick, our finest suits, and stylish heels, paint a smile on our faces, and we walk—confidently insecure—bound by the expectations of others, paralyzed by self-judgment, and completely afraid to give any indication that we’re not okay. This is my “why”. This is why I became vigilant about helping women like me transition through life-changing events while managing the demands of their roles as leaders.”

With such profound goals and a conscious approach, Dr. Barbara Swinney has helped countless women step into the light and become the rightful leaders of their own lives. Not only that, but she has also created a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals that support one another’s growth and success. Moving forward, she hopes to continue her advocacy and lead more women to “lead the DEEPER Life and become DEEPER Women™.”


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