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E’maj Entertainment Television Network: A Milestone in Media – The Only 100% Black-Owned Television Network in the United States

E'maj Entertainment Television Network: A Milestone in Media - The Only 100% Black-Owned Television Network in the United States
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United States – In an unprecedented turn of events, E’maj Entertainment Television Network has emerged as the only 100% Black-owned television network in the nation. This remarkable achievement comes in the wake of Paramount’s controversial decision not to sell BET to any of the black potential buyers, casting a spotlight on E’maj’s quiet yet potent rise. 

Launched on the historic day of Juneteenth, E’maj represents more than a network. It is a symbol of empowerment, a platform for the African Diaspora and Africa to control their narrative, redefine representation, and celebrate their diverse voices. 

With 2 major apps, clearance to host YouTuber content (while ensuring views are recorded in the Google algorithm), and a revolutionary revenue-sharing structure with content creators through Penny stocks, E’maj stands as a testament to the Black community’s self-sufficiency and resilience. 

 The network’s success transcends conventional media boundaries, offering an unparalleled content experience across 100 channels. Available on various platforms including Apple and Android smartphones, Roku, smart TVs, and web browsers, E’maj aims to bridge divides and foster unity. 

 When Andrea LeMusique, President and COO of E’maj, was asked about the significance of becoming the only Black TV Network in the United States, her response was profound: “If we continue to wait for someone else to give us our voice and our platform, we will never truly control its content or the revenue we control as a people. I just hope that Mr. Perry, Mr. Allen, and all of those so eager to be given permission to own a network by others are willing to join with us to give our people the quality they deserve worldwide.”  

E’maj’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity and transformation has been lauded by industry leaders, including the legendary Kurtis Blow, who joined the network’s Advisory Board. Through collaborations with renowned organizations and prominent public figures, E’maj guarantees authentic storytelling and an inclusive viewing journey. 

 E’maj Entertainment Television Network is not just redefining media; it is rewriting the rules, proving that the Black Community doesn’t need the approval of the “big boys” to provide a platform for the people. It is a powerful story of triumph, determination, and a new chapter in media ownership. 

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About E’maj Entertainment Television Network:

E’maj Entertainment Television Network is the only 100% Black-owned television network in the United States. With a commitment to empowering people of color and providing a platform for self-expression, empowerment, and cultural enrichment, E’maj promises a transformative viewing experience. 

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