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From Burnout to Breakthrough: The PT Hustle Approach to Six-Figure Success in Physical Therapy

PT Hustle
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Doctors of Physical therapy Dr. Kyle and Andrea Rice, are transforming the physical therapy profession, uprooting mindsets and propelling other physical therapists to experience freedom financially and professionally.

Fueled by their personal experiences in the profession, navigating physical therapy school, imposter syndrome, student loans and more, Drs. Kyle and Andrea Rice established The PT Hustle to help other physical therapists thrive. 

Their experience emphasizes the significance of having a fulfilling job and financial success in the industry. It offers physical therapists insightful information and valuable tools to help them reach these objectives. Additionally, Kyle and Andrea are legitimate sources of knowledge and motivation for everyone in the physical therapy profession due to their experience and expertise, making their narrative a worthwhile read for anyone hoping to advance and achieve in the industry.

One half of the dynamic duo and the visionary behind PT Hustle is Kyle Rice.

Although today he is a standardized test strategist and an accomplished physical therapist, Kyle’s journey with successfully overcoming standardized tests has been difficult. After attaining his Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy, Kyle was up against the mandatory National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE), a standardized exam required to be licensed to practice Physical Therapy. After rigorous preparation for the NPTE Kyle obtained a perfect score of 800/800, which motivated him to start PT Hustle.

So in 2017, The PT Hustle was established as a company to help PT students who struggle with test-taking anxiety, and standardized tests pass the NPTE. Today, PT Hustle has transformed into a million-dollar company that also goes beyond the NPTE to provide resources, education, and community for physical therapists to attain professional and financial success. 

The other half of PT Hustle is Andrea Rice, an experienced travel physical therapist with expertise in acute care and pediatrics. 

A colossal problem Kyle and Andrea sought to solve and teach other PTs to overcome was the problem of student loan debt.

According to statistics, more than a quarter of those with student loan debt claim that their debt has affected their choice or ability to buy a home (29%), go on vacation (35%), or buy a car (31%).

Even though Kyle and Andrea Rice had a fair share of school debt, they managed to pay off their $205,000 in student loan debt in less than 18 months, an awe-inspiring feat that required a lot of dedication and labor.

Their experience acts as motivation for those who are battling student loan debt after graduating from physical therapy school. It proves that this obstacle can be overcome by tenacity and discipline. Kyle and Andrea’s experiences have helped them to become informed champions for financial literacy and to enhance their physical therapy careers beyond what is often taught in standard educational settings.

They have become role models to many physical therapists because of the uniqueness of their journey and how they have navigated every roadblock along the way.

Kyle and Andrea had to overcome imposter syndrome, the feeling of inadequacy and self-doubt experienced by physical therapists despite their successes and qualifications, as they built a successful million-dollar business from the start.

When Kyle decided to launch The PT Hustle, he encountered resistance and doubt from others. But despite the skepticism and cynics, he persisted in his vision and worked toward his business objectives. With Andrea’s encouragement, Kyle ignored the views of others who disagreed with his proposal and concentrated on his skills and abilities in helping other Physical Therapists. As a result, he overcame the difficulties and obstacles thanks to his tenacity and steadfast dedication to his objectives, and he eventually established a prosperous physical therapy business.

Navigating the Physical Therapy Industry

Kyle Rice has taken a different approach to the competitive culture of the physical therapy profession, which often emphasizes academic achievement and passing exams like the NPTE. He believes that success in physical therapy entails more than just passing exams, and many students who struggle academically can still become excellent physical therapists. Rather than listening to some narrow-minded perspectives on the profession, Kyle has focused on assisting students in developing the skills, knowledge, and passion required to succeed in their careers. He has challenged the industry’s conventional wisdom through his work with PT Hustle, demonstrating that physical therapy success is achievable for all students, regardless of academic background or test-taking difficulties. By breaking down the barriers and helping students achieve their full potential, Kyle has become a role model and inspiration to others in the field.

Together, Kyle and Andrea Rice encourage other colleagues to positively go against the grain, define what their success would look like, and prioritize themselves. 

Their ultimate objective is to disrupt the competitive and frequently elitist culture fostered within the PT profession to advance a future in which physical therapists define their success and pursue fulfilling and lucrative careers. 


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