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From Resilience to Success: The Journeys of Team Engage

The Journeys of Team Engage
Photo Courtesy: Erin Latterell Burk

Within the sphere of entrepreneurship and personal development, the dynamic duo behind Team Engage, Danelle Delgado and Mike Draper, emerge as potent demonstrations of resilience, determination, and the transformative prowess inherent in human potential. Revolutionizing personal and professional development, they have taken the online business world by storm with their impressive backgrounds and unique approach to human transformation. Their endeavors are changing the way people perceive personal growth and team training, marking a significant shift in the landscape of self-improvement.

Danelle Delgado, the CEO of Life Intended and Co-Founder of Team Engage, embodies the essence of a dynamic multipreneur and super mentor renowned as the “millionaire maker.” Her journey, marked by resilience and determination, began as a single mother in Colorado, instilling in her a relentless drive to succeed and provide for her family. Faced with the challenge of raising three small children alone, Delgado transitioned from working multiple jobs, logging 80-90 hours a week, to becoming an award-winning business success. 

Through unwavering persistence, she aligned herself with some of the world’s most renowned business experts, who became her personal mentors. Years of high-level learning with them culminated in the establishment of Life Intended in 2014 and the subsequent expansion into the corporate sphere with Team Engage in 2022. These companies, rooted in the values of Training, Advancement, and Acceleration, serve as vehicles for transforming individuals and businesses alike. 

Delgado’s impact extends far beyond her professional endeavors; she is a globally recognized online influencer, acclaimed speaker, and best-selling author of “I Choose Joy.” Her unmatched skills in guiding entrepreneurs and employees, both online and offline, have propelled many to scale their companies to million-dollar heights and their lives to ultimate fulfillment. From her renowned elite retreats and online training platforms to her captivating stage presence, Danelle has become a household celebrity, empowering all to become high performers like few ever will. 

Despite her professional success, Delgado’s greatest joy lies in her role as a mother, living a blessed life in Colorado with her three children—twins, Seth and Sophie, aged 16, and a daughter, Bella, 17—teaching them to embrace their fullest potential.

The Journeys of Team Engage

Photo Courtesy: Erin Latterell Burk

Mike Draper’s journey is equally compelling. A former SWAT police officer and Air Force veteran, Draper transitioned into the realm of viral content creation, making waves in the online business world. His unique blend of military discipline, real estate expertise, and social media savvy has propelled him to become a kingpin in the digital sphere, with a knack for making content go viral.

Growing up in Beaverton, Oregon, Draper faced academic struggles and battled weight issues but found solace in sports. Despite barely graduating high school, he embarked on a transformative journey by joining the Air Force, where he traveled the world, earned multiple fitness awards, and eventually obtained his bachelor’s degree. Draper’s life took a significant turn when his daughter Ellie was born during his service in England, prompting him to prioritize stability and family. This led to his decision to transition out of the military and settle back in Oregon, where he pursued a career in law enforcement as a police officer in Hillsboro.

During his 5.5 years on the force, Draper was deeply involved in various aspects of policing, from SWAT operations to crisis intervention. His extensive experience, which included over 16,000 calls for service and 800 formal investigations, sharpened his understanding of human psychology and resilience. Despite the demanding nature of his police career, Draper pursued additional ventures, including flipping houses for extra income and earning an MBA from the University of Washington.

In 2017, personal challenges, such as a divorce, underscored the importance of prioritizing his daughter, health, business, and relationships above all else. Driven by his desire to help others, Draper founded Team Engage at the end of 2022. Rooted in the values of Train, Advance, Accelerate, his company aims to empower individuals by identifying and addressing underlying issues that hinder personal and professional growth.

Team Engage distinguishes itself through its distinctive approach, characterized by adept questioning, offering fresh perspectives, and addressing uncomfortable truths with both kindness and directness. By delving into clients’ challenges and proposing pragmatic remedies, the team facilitates transformative growth experiences that extend beyond conventional boundaries, encompassing both personal and professional realms.

Utilizing advanced virtual training methods, Team Engage’s systems tackle turnover rates, drive tangible outcomes, and bolster employee engagement. What makes their offerings exceptional is their role as the indispensable missing link for businesses and the sought-after virtual mentor for employees. Their programs, which focus on personal development, sales strategies, and online presence, not only enhance productivity but also contribute to increased happiness, improved mental well-being, and individual fulfillment.

Central to Team Engage’s triumph is their knack for understanding the specific pain points of individuals and organizations, and delivering tailor-made solutions. Their vision of fostering unity within every expanding enterprise strikes a chord with companies aspiring for sustainable growth and enduring success.


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