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Heather Perren: Pioneering Virtual Fitness with Lagreeing at Home

Heather Perren: Pioneering Virtual Fitness with Lagreeing at Home
Photo Courtesy: Heather Perren

In the fitness world, Heather Perren is making waves as a trailblazer in virtual fitness through the innovative platform Lagreeing at Home. Working with the legendary fitness expert Sebastien Lagree, she has created an accessible and effective fitness solution for people worldwide. This feature dives into Perren’s journey, her contributions to the fitness industry, and her vision for the future.

Early Life and Academic Background

Heather started her professional journey with a foundation in education, having earned a BS in Liberal Studies and a California Teaching Credential from California State University Northridge after transferring from the University of Arizona. Her academic background laid the groundwork for her future role in the fitness industry, equipping her with essential skills in communication, organization, and leadership.

Transition into Fitness

Heather’s fitness career took a pivotal turn in 2011 when she discovered the Lagree Method, followed by gaining a certification in 2015. Originally an elementary school teacher and a new mother to triplets, she searched for a fitness routine that would offer efficiency and effectiveness. The Lagree Method, known for its holistic approach to strength, endurance, and flexibility, resonated with her, leading her to become a certified Lagree instructor. Her passion for the method was about personal transformation and sharing this revolutionary fitness approach with others.

The Birth of Lagreeing at Home

The global pandemic in 2020 forced many businesses and individuals to pivot, and Perren was no exception. With the closure of fitness studios, she transitioned from teaching in-studio to creating virtual classes from her home. Recognizing the potential for a broader reach, she co-founded Lagreeing at Home with fellow Lagree Fitness Master Trainer, Lexi Heinzer. This innovative venture allowed her to leverage social media to create a community of fitness junkies and enthusiasts globally, which is fully supported and backed by Sebastien Lagree, the creator of the Lagree Method. Heather’s collaboration with Lagree himself ensures that the platform stays true to the principles of the original fitness method while expanding its accessibility.

Lagree Fitness: Expanding Roles and Impact

In 2020, Heather was appointed Director of Community Relations and Events and shortly after that as a Senior Master Trainer. In these roles, she has significantly contributed to growing the Lagree community, both online and offline. Notably, Heather has been at the forefront of organizing and planning Lagree Microformer workout events across the country, enhancing the reach and impact of the Lagree Method. 

A highlight of Heather’s event coordination was the recent and highly successful collaboration with VersaClimber on the iconic Santa Monica Pier. This event drew attention due to its scenic beachside setting and the innovative integration of the VersaClimber, a unique fitness tool that complements the Microformer’s capabilities by offering a different kind of full-body workout. Such events show the versatility and effectiveness of the Lagree Method, showcasing Heather’s dedication to bringing innovative fitness experiences to diverse audiences. 

Beyond event coordination, Heather’s efforts have been instrumental in growing the Lagree brand and community. She organized the first-ever Lagree Summit in Las Vegas, a landmark event that brought together enthusiasts and professionals from the fitness community. 

Additionally, Heather played a pivotal role in the launch of the inaugural Lagree iOS + Android app, making Lagree workouts more accessible and allowing users to stay connected with the community and their fitness goals from anywhere. These initiatives highlight the expansion of the Lagree Method beyond the traditional studio setting and into the digital and real-world spaces where Heather’s impact continues to resonate. 

Innovations and Future Endeavors

Always looking forward, Heather is involved in developing certification programs for the Microformer, including a Level 1 Certification and an Advanced Pre/Postnatal Certification. These initiatives aim to broaden the scope of Lagree Fitness, making it inclusive and adaptable to various life stages and fitness levels.

Beyond her professional achievements, Heather balances her career with her personal life as a mother to triplets and a fitness enthusiast. Her story shows the possibility of transforming personal passion into a global movement, impacting lives far beyond the confines of a traditional fitness studio.

The Legacy of Heather Perren

Heather’s journey from a dedicated mother of 13-year-old triplets and teacher to a fitness innovator and influencer is a powerful narrative of adaptation, innovation, and community-building. Through Lagreeing at Home, she has extended the Lagree Method’s reach and created a sustainable model for virtual fitness. Her contributions to the fitness industry underscore the potential of digital platforms to build connectivity, resilience, and wellness on a global scale.

As Heather continues to push the boundaries of virtual fitness, her work inspires, demonstrating that it’s possible to create meaningful and lasting change in people’s lives with creativity and determination. Heather’s legacy is not just in the classes she teaches or the events she organizes but, in her ability, to unite and inspire a community of fitness enthusiasts worldwide, making Lagree Fitness a part of their daily lives.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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