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Hit N Move Redefines Boxing Safety and Performance

Hit N Move Redefines Boxing Safety and Performance
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

In a bold move to revolutionize boxing gear, Hit N Move has announced the release of their new Precision Headgear. Unlike many brands that merely rebrand existing designs, Hit N Move has committed to innovation, aiming to create a product that not only competes with but surpasses the renowned Japanese models dominating the market.

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Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

A Leap Beyond Imitation

Hit N Move’s approach to developing headgear was rooted in the desire to improve upon the existing standards. Rather than just slapping their logo on a well-known design, they sought to create headgear that addresses the shortcomings of current models. The result is a product that aims to become a leading choice worldwide.

Smaller, Smarter, and Superior

The new Precision Headgear is significantly smaller than traditional options, reducing unnecessary padding that often makes headgear bulky, hot, and restrictive. This innovative design ensures the headgear won’t obstruct vision or weigh down athletes during sparring sessions.

Multi-Layered Micro Padding Technology

At the core of the Precision Headgear is its multi-layered micro padding technology. This advanced padding system strategically places protection in critical areas such as the head’s chin, temple, cheeks, and back.

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Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

By focusing padding in these critical areas, Hit N Move has eliminated the need for bulky designs, providing robust protection without compromising mobility.

Clear Benefits for Athletes

The Precision Headgear offers several key benefits that are crucial for athletes:

  1. Enhanced Performance: The slim and lightweight design allows athletes to move more naturally and react quicker, closely mimicking their performance in actual fights. This enhanced mobility can be a game-changer in training and sparring.
  2. Superior Protection: Despite its lightweight and compact structure, the headgear provides exceptional protection. This has been scientifically proven through rigorous testing at Virginia Tech Labs, where the headgear demonstrated comparable safety to traditional, bulkier models.
  3. Comfort and Fit: Comfort is paramount regarding headgear. The Precision Headgear ensures a snug, comfortable fit, allowing athletes to focus on their sparring without distractions. The reduced bulk also means less heat build-up, keeping athletes cooler during intense training sessions.
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Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Scientifically Proven Superiority

Hit N Move has collaborated with Virginia Tech to validate the safety and effectiveness of the Precision Headgear. Through extensive testing, the headgear showed comparable safety to traditional options while being significantly more compact and providing better visibility. These tests confirm that the benefits claimed by Hit N Move are not just marketing rhetoric but are backed by scientific evidence.

Changing the Game

The release of the Precision Headgear marks a significant milestone for Hit N Move. The company, founded by amateur boxer Ozhan Akcakaya and run by his wife Alaina Akcakaya, has always prioritized innovation and quality over conventional business practices. This headgear is a testament to their commitment to improving boxing gear through genuine advancements rather than superficial branding.

Ozhan Akcakaya explains, “Our goal was never to follow the trend but to set it. With the Precision Headgear, we’ve created a product that provides superior protection, comfort, and performance. We didn’t just want to be another brand; we wanted to redefine what athletes expect from their gear.”


The Precision Headgear by Hit N Move is poised to become a game-changer in boxing. By addressing the needs of athletes and providing scientifically proven benefits, Hit N Move has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence and innovation. As the Precision Headgear hits the market, it aims to set new standards in safety, comfort, and performance, reaffirming Hit N Move’s position as a leader in the boxing gear industry.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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