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Kisha Hodges’ Journey: Blending Comedy with Spirituality

Kisha Hodges’ Journey Blending Comedy with Spirituality
Photo Courtesy: Kisha Hodges

People often say that everything in the universe is related. This idea came from Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, which he presented in 1915. According to it, everything that has mass and energy is related in the fabric of spacetime. But that’s a little tricky to understand, right? Let’s break it down. 

Let’s imagine every individual present on Earth in a giant spider web. The web here is the fabric of spacetime or the universe, simply. Whatever people experience physically or abstractly is related when they are within this web. This makes every concept relevant and related to one another, even comedy and spirituality. But that is the scientific explanation for the connection between both.

However, Kisha Hodges, an ordained minister and comedian, also has other explanations for this connection. 

Kisha, fondly known as Lady Bombay, links spirituality and comedy to her life experiences. She was born the firstborn to her mother in Cleveland, Ohio. Her father, however, already had a family. He left Kisha’s mother to struggle with raising her.

Whatever Kisha faced left her affected psychologically. Throughout the entire time, two things kept Kisha going: her prayers and sense of humor, which made the hard days look bearable.

Sometimes, the answers to all the problems people face reside before them, yet they are blind to them sadly.

Similarly, the answers to Kisha’s problem were right before her, but she couldn’t use them better. She was unaware of how comedy and spirituality could impact her life. But it is better to be late than never, they say. Though late, she realized she could channel both to transform her life. 

This way, she started stand-up comedy because she enjoyed it. Likewise, she began devoting time to church. For Kisha, soon, it became more than habits; it became a passion. She discovered how both helped her heal and brought joy to others.

A study says that comedy and spirituality share the same purpose. Both contribute to holistic healing. They provide comfort on days when it is hard to survive and push people in their daily lives. 

Kisha’s comedy shows highlight serious issues through wit. She addresses topics such as racism, discrimination, and equality of gender opportunities by adopting wit and sarcasm. The philosophy of her comedy is to uncover the disparities that individuals face based on their ethnicity, both by the system and society.

At the same time, she offers spiritual healing to people who have suffered judgment and rejection by the system. This way, she connects to her audience at church and the shows. She raises her voice for them and offers them emotional support through her comedy and preachings. 

When asked why she feels both are related, she answered, “The essence of spirituality and comedy is the same; it offers joy and comfort. Spirituality teaches us to help others, whereas when we make someone laugh through our comedy, we offer them relief, which is help. God’s message of serving people is not confined to physical needs but emotional ones, too. If you look at the base of both, their roots are intertwined.” 

Kisha explains that comedy can be a vehicle for spiritual expression and a light-hearted way to address serious issues.

This way, it offers more than laughter—it subtly comforts those who fear opening up. The power of storytelling in ministry and comedy influences people morally; it confronts their doubts and shares a sense of relatedness, making them realize that they aren’t the only ones feeling this way. 

Both comedy and spirituality can be utilized for healing and support. Laughter and faith can bring joy and comfort, and their interchangeability can be embraced as Kisha does. She embraces her ordained minister and comedian role to unveil the link between both. Her journey underscores how different things can be related, inviting people to ponder the multifaceted nature of life. 

Published by: Martin De Juan


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