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Nobody Studios Scaling Businesses that Could Change Multiple Industries

Creating a community of landscape-changing business startups is no easy task. Yet, that’s what the team at Nobody Studios continues to do daily as a crowd-infused incubation firm. Moreover, the company is on a trajectory to create a handful of business ventures that could radically change how specific industries operate. 

Nobody Studios is a crowd-infused company creation firm bringing together entrepreneurs and investors under one roof and creating an environment for innovative ideas to thrive. Its goal is to help grow one hundred companies in the next five years and help those organizations shape their respective industries. “Our true goal is to preside at the forefront of positive global impact,” shares the company’s official website.

The firm takes on the venture studio model, which incorporates the best aspects of the venture capital model. That includes enabling entrepreneurs to make strategic adjustments to companies and combining it with the crowdfunding model. This approach democratizes the process of creating companies, allowing anyone to contribute to developing the next great company and empowering a whole new generation of business owners. The venture studio model represents a more innovative and inclusive approach to venture capital, updating and improving the traditional model.

Nobody Studios is taking on an approach that will change the landscape for venture capital fundraising and the respective markets their business is currently in. “We believe the next great idea is not coming out of some stuffy old executive VC office; It’s probably going to come from a twelve-year-old girl in India playing Minecraft on her couch right now,” shares Kyle Kane, Chief Marketing Officer of the company. “Nobody Studios exists to democratize the world of venture studios by showing how profitable it is to source diverse ideas from every corner of the globe.”

Today, Nobody Studios has a portfolio of business ideas already shaking things up. One great example is Parentipity, a community for parents that provides them with a support system and a new way to earn money— by sharing content on their platform. The site allows parents to get paid for parenting advice without having to build a massive following. 

Another project under its wing is Prehab Life, a startup that aims to help addicts by solving the problem at the root and focusing on prevention rather than cure. The company currently uses data-driven strategies and a team of licensed professionals to give people preventive support. Other projects in the Nobody Studios pipeline include Ourhomeowners,, Freakish Data, Ovationz, SweatOptions, and many other upcoming ventures. 

The company also runs an innovative management system that enables individuals to invest in their business for as little as $100. The system doesn’t check people’s credit scores, income levels, and family histories, as it allows everyone to own the next moonshot company. Additionally, the system lets individuals bring their own ideas and work alongside the team to build their next company. This offers a rare opportunity for anyone to get involved in creating successful companies.

With all its current success, the Nobody Studios team believes it’s only getting started. It hopes to continue partnering with more innovators, connecting them with venture capitalists from all walks of life, and using that synergy to change communities and societies everywhere.

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