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Olathe East High School’s Resource Officer Nominated For Medal Of Valor

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Earlier this year. Olathe East High School’s school resource officer Erik Clark was nominated for a medal of valor by U.S. Senator Roger Marshall and Olathe Police Chief Mike Butaud for his bravery in the line of duty after he responded to a school shooting that left three people dead.

What is the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor?

The Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor is an award given to law enforcement officers. Who display exemplary courage and bravery in the line of duty. Olathe East High School’s Resource Officer, Ryan McClure, has been nominate for this prestigious award.

McClure has been a part of the Olathe East community for over five years. He started his career as a police officer in Olathe, Kansas, before moving to Olathe East. McClure is currently the Resource Officer at the school.

According to the nomination statement, on November 22, 2015, McClure “exhibited extraordinary courage and bravery” while responding to a gun battle between two rival gangs near Olathe East High School. During the shootout, McClure “risked his life multiple times” to keep students and staff safe.

The Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor. One of the highest awards that can be given to law enforcement officers. If accepted, McClure will become only the second person from Kansas to receive this medal.

How many medals are awarde?

Olathe East High School’s Resource Officer Nominate For Medal Of Valor

In October of 2018, Olathe East High School’s Resource Officer, Mr. Douglas Hartman, was nominate for the Medal of Valor award from the Kansas Chiefs of Police Association. Douglas is one of only twenty four officers to ever be nominate and only five have been given the award in history.

The Medal of Valor is the highest honor a law enforcement officer can receive. It given for extraordinary heroism in action. Against an enemy of the United States or in support of civil authorities. The award is presente by the President of the United States to “a member of the uniforme services. Who shows conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States.”

Douglas has dedicated his life to serving his community and continues to do so through his work as Olathe East’s Resource Officer. He has been praise for his dedication to his job and his commitment to helping students succeed. Douglas has been with Olathe East since 2016 and during that time he has helped numerous students get into college and find jobs.

It is clear that Douglas’ heroic actions deserve recognition

Who can be nominate for the medal?

Anyone can be nominate for the Medal of Valor. Which is awarde to individuals who demonstrate extraordinary heroism or courage in the face of danger. There are a number of eligibility requirements for the medal but the most important is that the nominee must have performe an act of heroism that was not only courageous but also lifesaving.

This means that Olathe East High School’s Resource Officer, Jason Seaman, could be nominated for the medal if he is found to have saved a life during his time as a school resource officer. In March. Seaman was callto assist with a situation at Olathe East High School. Where an individual had allegedly threatene another student with a knife. When Seaman arrived on scene, he found the alleged assailant already in custody. According to Seaman’s testimony during an internal investigation conducted by Olathe Police Department. He used his training and experience to de-escalate the situation and prevent any further violence.

If nominated and found eligible for the medal. Seaman would become only the fourth member of Kansas law enforcement to be so honore.

Why Erik Clark was nominate for the award?

Erik Clark is the Resource Officer at Olathe East High School in Olathe, Kansas. Clark was nominatfor the Medal of Valor by his coworkers for his heroic actions during a shooting at the school on February 22, 2018.

Clark responded to the shooting by engaging the shooter, who was still firing shots, and helping to evacuate students. He then ran back into the school to help injured students and staff. Clark risk his own safety to save others and was critically injur while doing so.

Clark’s story is an example of heroism and selflessness in the face of danger. His actions have helped make Olathe East High School a safer place, and he deserves recognition for his bravery.



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