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Pioneering the Entertainment Landscape: Hazel Simpson and Sis to Sis Productions

Pioneering the Entertainment Landscape: Hazel Simpson and Sis to Sis Productions
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“Empowering and enlightening people through storytelling.”

This quote encapsulates the essence of Hazel Simpson’s brand, Sis to Sis Productions. For those not yet acquainted with this dynamo in the filmmaking world, Hazel Simpson is a multi-talented producer, director, and author. A graduate of Monroe College, NY, she has already etched her name among the influential women in film and media in Atlanta, Georgia. This article delves into the inspiring career of Hazel Simpson and the positive impact she has made in a largely male-dominated industry.

Breaking Barriers and Setting Milestones

Atlanta is often hailed as the burgeoning hub for entertainment, but for women, breaking into this scene is no small feat. Hazel Simpson is one of those courageous women who chose to persevere. She credits her success to an indomitable spirit, familial support, and unwavering faith in God.

Her recent film, “Sisters and the Shrink,” serves as a milestone in her career. The film, based on real-life stories, explores the emotional journeys of six ordinary women seeking to repair their fractured relationships, friendships, and family bonds with the help of a shrink. The storytelling captivated critics and audiences alike, earning her the Silver Award Winner title at the 2019 International Independent Film Awards.

Passion Turned Profession

From a very young age, Simpson was enchanted by the magic of storytelling. Her early forays into the arts were on the glamorous stages of Broadway, performing in musicals. This exposure not only honed her skills but also fueled her passion for educating youth about the arts. As a testament to this passion, she founded the Drama and Arts Academy based at 286 Highway 314, Fayetteville, Ga. The academy serves as an art-based educational childcare facility aimed at nurturing the artistic talents of young minds.

Diversifying Success: Business Ventures and Recognitions

Simpson’s career does not only revolve around filmmaking. Under the umbrella of her brand, Hazel Visions, she manages three diverse subsidiaries:

  1. I Am Awards: An initiative that celebrates hardworking women in various fields. The awards focus on uplifting women who showcase exceptional creativity and embrace diversity.
  2. Drama and Arts Academy: This Fayetteville-based academy caters to educating youth about arts, acting as an intersection between childcare and creative education.
  3. Sis to Sis Productions: The film production arm focused on educating and empowering families through film.

Hazel Simpson’s profile has gained significant media attention, featuring in notable magazines such as People You Need to Know in 2015 and 2019, Authority Magazine, Rolling Out, and Young Black Entrepreneur (YBE).

Expanding the Entertainment Portfolio

Hazel Simpson is already setting her sights on new horizons. A slate of new projects, including films with renowned actors, are in the pipeline. Simpson’s movie catalog continues to expand, with titles like “Sisters & The Shrink 1 and 2” available on Amazon Prime and “The Prayer” now streaming on Tubi. Moreover, the highly anticipated sequel, “Sisters and the Shrink 4,” is set to release in September 2023.

Conclusion: A Lasting Legacy

Hazel Simpson serves as an inspirational figure in the world of entertainment and beyond. Through her endeavors, she’s not just telling stories but also opening doors for other talented women in a male-dominated field. Her commitment to empowering people — be it women, families, or children — is laudable and paves the way for a future where diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but a lived reality.

For those interested in keeping tabs on her trailblazing journey, Hazel Simpson can be found at Hazel Visions or on Instagram under the handle @sistosisproductions.

Hazel Simpson is more than just a name in the film industry; she is a beacon of hope, a testament to what hard work, faith, and a relentless drive can achieve. Through Sis to Sis Productions, she aims to leave an indelible imprint not just on film reels but on human hearts and minds.


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