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PointPay Payment System: Easy and Convenient Payments with Crypto and Fiat

PointPay Payment System: Easy and Convenient Payments with Crypto and Fiat
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With the increasing use of cryptocurrency banking in the UK, customers need safe and reliable payment options that are simple and convenient to use. PointPay’s payment system provides a secure and dependable way to make payments with crypto and fiat. This crypto banking platform offers a payment system as part of an ecosystem that includes an exchange platform, blockchain-based bank, crypto wallet, P2P platforms, and more. Find out more about how the PointPay payment system works and the kinds of benefits it provides. 

Convenient Payment Options 

Customers who purchase crypto using the PointPay payment system have a couple of payment options to choose from. These include paying with a credit or debit card or using third-party flow. Customers using a credit or debit card complete their purchase in PointPay. Those using third-party flow make their purchase on the partner’s side rather than in PointPay. Customers receive their purchased funds within 24 hours of making a payment. 

Simple Payment Requirements 

Those who plan to use a credit or debit card need a minimum of Know Your Customer-1, or KYC-1, to make a purchase and KYC-2 for payout in PointPay’s ecosystem. Those using the third-party flow need KYC to purchase a partner’s side. In this case, KYC is not required in PointPay’s ecosystem. Customers need KYC-2 on the partner’s side and in PointPay for payout. 

Benefits of Credit or Debit Card Flow  

Paying with a credit or debit card in the PointPay ecosystem can provide a quicker payment method for customers with KYC-1 already. This due diligence process is essential to protect customers from identity theft and other financial incidents. 

Benefits of Third-Party Flow 

Using third-party flow provides customers with additional payment methods. Third-party flow also offers a broader range of rates to choose from. Customers who prefer having more options to consider have a convenient way to access more rates and payment methods through the third-party flow.   

Making Payments with PointPay 

  • Customers can purchase crypto with the PointPay payment system in a few easy steps. This involves the following: 
  • Choosing a card payment method or third-party flow 
  • Specifying the amount and currency to give, then choosing a cryptocurrency and partner 
  • Selecting a preferred payment method, such as Apple Pay or Visa/Mastercard 
  • Providing card details and adding KYC documents 

Using Crypto or Fiat to Purchase Digital Assets 

PointPay provides a convenient and quick way to purchase crypto using fiat or cryptocurrencies. Those with sufficient funds in their PointPay wallet can use those when purchasing. Customers can also use fiat or cryptocurrencies to buy digital assets, such as when they have insufficient funds in their PointPay wallet. This involves going to the partner’s page, then following instructions to complete a purchase. 

PointPay is committed to making improvements that help customers complete purchases and receive payouts more quickly and conveniently. Recent changes to PointPay’s payment system have helped improve processing speeds. This allows customers to receive their funds in a shorter timeframe. With faster speeds, greater convenience, and robust safety features, customers can depend on PointPay for secure digital asset purchases using cryptocurrencies or fiat. 


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