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Finding genuine connections can often be challenging in today’s fast-paced and digitally interconnected world. However,, a groundbreaking platform, is changing the game by offering a unique solution to bridge the gap between individuals seeking meaningful connections. With its innovative approach, transforms how we interact, fosters authentic relationships, and provides flexible work opportunities.

We are honored to have Mr. Francesco Vitali, a highly respected serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of, and his partner, Mr. Chris Siametis. has gained significant attention for its innovative approach to addressing the challenges of loneliness, isolation, and the need for human connection in the digital age.

Q: To begin, could you provide us with an in-depth understanding of and how it distinguishes itself from competitors in the market?

[Francesco Vitali]: Certainly. is a groundbreaking platform that has revolutionized how we combat loneliness, isolation, and the need for human connection in today’s digital age. Unlike other platforms, we prioritize user safety and offer a digitally-oriented experience through encrypted video calls as the primary mode of communication. This approach sets us apart from competitors, primarily focusing on business services or others encouraging physical meetings with strangers.

We recognized the need for a secure and authentic virtual space where individuals could connect, communicate, form lasting friendships, and even earn a living on their terms. By leveraging technology to transcend geographical barriers and facilitate meaningful interactions, has emerged as a pioneer in this realm. Revolutionizing Human Connection in the Digital Age

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Q: has gained significant attention and popularity without explicit promotion, marketing, or advertising. Could you shed light on how the platform became viral and garnered widespread recognition?

FV: has indeed experienced remarkable growth without traditional marketing efforts. The platform’s viral success can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, there is a genuine and pressing need for human connection in today’s society, particularly among the younger Generation, who comprise most of our user base. Many young individuals seek opportunities to work from home, generate income based on availability, and connect with like-minded individuals who understand their experiences and struggles.

Secondly, our platform taps into the power of social media and word-of-mouth marketing. Social media platforms have become instrumental in spreading the word about, as satisfied users share their positive experiences and the meaningful connections they have formed. This organic growth has created a ripple effect, exponentially increasing users and generating buzz around the platform.

Lastly, the uniqueness of itself has contributed to its viral success. By offering a safe, supportive, and inclusive space where individuals can find companionship, emotional support, cultural exchange, and personal growth, we have struck a chord with those who have longed for genuine connections in the digital age. This alignment between the platform’s mission and the users’ needs has driven its viral growth.

Q: The appeal of to the younger generation is evident. Can you further elaborate on the specific needs and aspirations of this demographic that the platform fulfills?

FV: Absolutely. The younger Generation, which comprises most of our user base, has unique needs and aspirations. Many young individuals prioritize flexibility and the ability to work from home. allows them to generate income based on availability, interests, and skill sets. They can become cyber friends and offer their time, services, and companionship to those in need, all from the comfort of their homes or anywhere they choose, anywhere on the Planet.
[Chris Siametis]: Furthermore, the younger Generation often faces challenges establishing social connections due to busy schedules, geographical mobility, or social anxiety. allows them to overcome these barriers by providing a platform to connect with like-minded individuals and form meaningful relationships. It offers a space where they can share their experiences, seek emotional support, engage in cultural exchange, and grow personally—all while maintaining the flexibility and convenience that aligns with their lifestyle aspirations.

Q: Mr. Siametis, That’s a compelling value proposition for the younger Generation. Considering the competitive landscape, are there any specific platforms or services that considers its main competitors?

CS: While stands out as a unique and innovative platform, we acknowledge indirect competitors’ existence in the broader market. Other platforms provide services primarily focused on business needs. However, the social aspect and the emphasis on human connection differentiate We cater to the fundamental need for companionship, emotional support, and genuine friendships, setting us apart from platforms primarily for business-related purposes.

FV: It’s essential to note that has carved its niche by prioritizing user safety, promoting inclusivity and diversity, and offering a secure environment for meaningful interactions. Our commitment to these values has allowed us to establish a strong foothold in the market and differentiate ourselves from potential competitors, at least now (Both laughing)!

Q: Thank you both for sharing such valuable insights. The success of is undeniably impressive, as it has resonated with users seeking authentic connections and flexible work opportunities. However, could you provide us with more details about how the concept for this platform originated?

FV: Certainly. The story behind the concept of is quite fascinating. It all began almost a decade ago when my partner, Chris, first realized the inherent need for human connection in people’s lives. He recognized that individuals were longing for meaningful relationships with others. However, when Chris initially presented the idea to me, I was skeptical about people paying to converse with strangers. This was especially true during the social media boom, where it seemed unusual for someone to spend even a single dollar on such interactions. So, for many years, I struggled to grasp the concept fully. There’s an amusing twist to this: I belong to Generation X, while Chris is a Millennial. (Laughs)


Despite Chris’s persistent efforts to persuade me over the years, I was always busy with numerous other projects, making it challenging to see the potential of However, in late October 2022, Chris walked into my office and said, “Check this out.” He had developed a demo platform, and within just one week, it had already attracted nearly a thousand registered users.

At that moment, I thought, “Oh, okay, here we are again.” Within a month, the platform had surpassed 15,000 registered users. At this point, I decided to examine the demographics more closely. To my astonishment, I discovered that 85% of the users were young individuals between 18 and 29, with the majority hailing from the United States. This revelation struck a chord with me.

Soon after, I had an experience that profoundly impacted my understanding. I was dining with friends in San Diego when I noticed a large table nearby. About 10 to 12 young individuals were engrossed in their mobile devices, not conversing with each other, and this moment resonated deeply within me as I realized that the younger generation perceives the world differently from my perspective. It was then that I understood why I initially struggled to comprehend the concept of The new generation has a unique way of experiencing and interpreting the world around them.

Within a few months, I observed many videos circulating on TikTok and other social media platforms, discussing Rent A Cyber Friend, drawing comparisons with similar projects, and explaining how the platform operates to new users. These individuals undertook the “hard” work of extensive promotion, resulting in a new wave of people spreading the word about the benefits of Rent A Cyber Friend. As a result, we reached a milestone of 100,000 new registered members.

CS: As you may know, Francesco is always focused on the business aspect, so this pivotal moment led to the establishment of RENT A CYBER FRIEND, Inc. (laughs). I distinctly recall a Wall Street Journal journalist contacting us for an interview. Francesco attempted to dissuade her from publishing anything for a while since the platform was still in its BETA stage. We were diligently assessing and refining its functionality and overall performance.

The concept had already proven successful. Today, even without significant advertising or promotion, including on social media, we still boast over 800,000 registered members, with a daily influx of 7,000 to 9,000 new profiles awaiting approval. And our new app is coming up by the end of September.

FV: At present, we are building our team. I want to express my deep appreciation to our small but dedicated group of individuals, our CFO, Nicholas Coriano. Additionally, I would like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of our CTO, Nick Agas, and CIO, John Barounis. They have wholeheartedly believed in this project and tirelessly dedicated themselves to making it a reality. Their unwavering commitment and hard work have been instrumental in bringing our vision to fruition.

Although we still have a long journey ahead, I am immensely grateful for our committed team and the incredible community of cyber friends and users who have warmly embraced Their trust and support have been pivotal in our progress thus far.

As we move forward, our commitment remains unwavering. We are determined to continuously enhance the platform, improve user experiences, and expand our reach to touch the lives of even more individuals seeking authentic connections in the digital age. We firmly believe in the transformative power of human connection and its profound impact on mental well-being and personal growth.

The exciting part is that the best is yet to come.

Thanks again, gentlemen, for sharing your valuable insights and giving us a deeper understanding of We wish you and your team continued success in your mission to connect individuals and combat loneliness in the digital age.


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