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Seoul Juice’s Phenomenal Success in the US Inspires Owner to Expand in Key Areas in 2023

Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos

What started out as a small business in a dorm room at Saint Louis University is now a phenomenal success on regular grocery shelves. Health enthusiasts who are keen on hydration cannot get enough of Seoul Juice, which owner Luis Manta launched in the middle of the pandemic as a result of his relentless search for a great-tasting natural hydration option after getting an allergic reaction to a major branded sports drink. Seeing the overwhelming response of consumers, Luis is convinced it is high time to introduce Seoul Juice to the rest of America in 2023. 

Seoul Juice, by itself, is creating a whole new classification of beverage in the market as it is the first Korean pear juice available in the US. If anything, the pandemic has compelled people to become more health-conscious. Seoul Juice could not have come at a better time than when Luis decided to introduce it at the height of COVID-19. It is also noteworthy that while Seoul Juice tastes a lot like regular apple juice, it only has half its sugar content. 

“We’re the first natural Korean Pear Juice on the market, so we feel honored to introduce this great beverage to people in the States. A lot of people I talk to want to eat healthier options but really don’t like the taste of healthy products. I created Seoul Juice to give people a great tasting, better-for-you option in the beverage space,” Luis explained. 

Transparency is very important for Luis’ brand. A lot of beverages in the market today contain ingredients people are not familiar with and can barely pronounce. Luis wants Seoul Juice to stand out from the rest by highlighting its water and fruit contents. 

“Seoul Juice is one of the most transparent brands on the market as we are just fruit and water. A lot of drinks people consume today have added sweeteners, flavors, and chemicals such as citric acid. We provide clean hydration to our customers, and so many people are looking for natural-based products without additives. What’s great is that not only are we a better product with an amazing brand, but we are super price competitive as well. We can’t wait to bring clean hydration to all,” he added.

Many of Luis’ discipline and practices as an entrepreneur stem from his overall training as an athlete. Having a complete understanding of the health benefits of his product inspires him to succeed in both business and sports at the same time. 

As an entrepreneur, Luis makes it a point to constantly learn from his experiences and the feedback that Seoul Juice’s loyal patrons give. Being a businessman is not a walk in the park, but Luis believes aspiring individuals can make it if they study and know their industry better than anyone else. 

At present, Seoul Juice is poised to expand in key locations across America. In fact, it recently held a successful launch in Missouri with Craft Republic, solidifying its presence in stores across the state. “The buyers, Cary Exler and Alan Commins, were fans of the product and helped us get set up. We’ve been able to expand so quickly due to great retail partners and distributors like Fresh Thyme and Craft Republic. With Missouri coming on board, we are now live in five states across the country and will be adding even more in the next few months,” Luis added.

Luis intends to leverage the remarkable success and momentum the brand acquired in 2022 to propel Seoul Juice to even greater heights next year. On top of expanding nationwide, the promising brand also aims to create a dependable investment and advisory team to oversee its operations. With brand loyalty growing stronger by the day, there is no doubt that Seoul Juice will receive the same reception in other cities around the country. 



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