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Steve Fontaine: America’s Indoor Air Quality Expert

Steve Fontaine: America's Indoor Air Quality Expert
Photo Courtesy: Stephen Fontaine

By: Mae Cornes

Steve Fontaine, “America’s Indoor Air Quality Expert” ™  and the founder of IAQ Solutions and Consulting, has emerged as a leading authority on public buildings HEPA13 & numerous air purifiers in the United States. With the heightened focus on indoor air quality in the wake of the pandemic, Fontaine’s expertise has become invaluable to schools, government entities, the military, and countless individuals. 

Interest in Air Purifiers Across America

The surge in air purifier purchases by average Americans underscores the growing awareness of the importance of clean indoor air. Fontaine’s proficiency in quality control enables him to guide various entities in selecting suitable air purifiers for their specific needs, emphasizing factors such as effective cleaning capabilities, lifetime warranties, and cost-effectiveness.

Fontaine’s knowledge extends beyond air purifiers, encompassing areas such as radon testing and HVAC consulting. His collaboration with HVAC companies in the United States underscores his influence and expertise in this field. Moreover, Fontaine is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and guidance on mold remediation, further solidifying his position as a comprehensive indoor air quality expert.

An Expert’s Contributions

In today’s landscape, where ensuring clean and safe indoor environments is paramount, Fontaine’s guidance and expertise are pivotal. Whether it’s assisting school systems, government agencies, individuals, or industries in selecting the right air purifiers or offering insights into radon testing and mold remediation, Fontaine’s contributions are instrumental in promoting healthier indoor spaces across America.

Of particular note is the Medify MA-40, of which is effective in larger living room spaces occupied by multiple individuals. “If you had to pick one, it’d be the MA-40. Can’t go wrong with it in a central spot,” says Fontaine.

Indoor Air Quality: A Growing Crisis

As the issue of indoor air quality gains increasing prominence in public health discussions, Steve Fontaine’s expertise in this area becomes ever more vital. Known widely as “America’s Indoor Air Quality Expert”™, Fontaine’s deep knowledge and experience allow him to adeptly handle the intricate details involved in air purification technologies and systems. His role extends beyond simple consultancy; he provides in-depth insights into how various factors such as ventilation, filtration, and environmental control play into overall air quality. Additionally, his expertise in HVAC systems and mold remediation further solidifies his reputation. This comprehensive skill set makes him an invaluable resource for individuals, businesses, and institutions aiming to improve their indoor environments. Through seminars, consultations, and personalized solutions, Steve Fontaine continues to lead the charge in enhancing indoor air quality, making him a sought-after authority in this critical field.

Under the expert guidance of Steve Fontaine, individuals and organizations are empowered to make well-informed choices that not only prioritize the cleanliness of their indoor air but also ensure that these solutions are cost-effective and reliable over the long term. His firm, IAQ Solutions and Consulting, is dedicated to assisting those who recognize the importance of healthy indoor environments. To facilitate access to his expertise, the company offers no-cost consultations, inviting potential clients to easily engage with his services. “Just visit our site and consider filling out our form. I’d love to give anyone interested a call,” Fontaine encourages. This approachable invitation underscores his commitment to accessibility and personal attention in addressing the indoor air quality needs of diverse clientele, ranging from small homes to large organizations, ensuring they receive tailored advice and solutions that fit their specific circumstances and budgets.


Published By: Aize Perez


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