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“The Spirit of Monaé: A Revolution in the Wine Industry”

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Defying traditions, challenging norms, and inspiring change – Dr. Monique Simone Barr is spearheading a revolution in the world of winemaking. The creation of Monae’s Wine, her distinguished wine collection, signifies a powerful breakthrough in an industry typically dominated by men and entrenched in European heritage.

Monae’s Wines’ commitment runs deeper than just crafting excellent wines. It stands on the foundation of authenticity, accessibility, and artisanal qualities. The brand’s mission powerfully communicates this commitment, striving to “Create premier wine that is authentic, accessible, and artisanal.” This sentiment resonates in their inspiring quote: “Wine made with passion: to Inspire, Cultivate, & Relax One’s Spirit!!”

Dr. Barr’s journey into the realm of winemaking took flight after her completion of Cornell’s Wine Essentials classes. With her newly acquired skills and understanding, she launched “Monae’s Wines,” positioning herself as one of the few certified Black female winemakers in the country.

But Dr. Barr’s vision extends far beyond her personal accomplishments. She is on a mission to elevate underrepresented groups in the wine industry, particularly Black females. By stepping up as a change agent, she aims to create a more inclusive landscape in the world of wine.

As Dr. Barr candidly puts it, “Starting a business as a Black woman requires a lot of gumption.” Despite the odds, she remains undeterred, powered by the unwavering support of her husband and a resilient community that stands by her through every step of her journey.

Tackling gender and racial disparities in an industry steeped in tradition is no small task. Yet, Dr. Barr, as a leading Black female wine collection owner, is committed to being the spark that ignites the next wave of minority female entrepreneurs, fostering generational and community prosperity.

Dr. Barr’s role goes beyond being a pioneer; she is an emblem of courage and an agent of change. Each bottle of Monae’s Wine encapsulates not just the taste of exquisite wine but also the spirit of inclusivity, determination, and defiance against norms.

Experience the unique flavor and compelling story behind Monae’s Wine by visiting their website,, or connecting on Instagram at monaes_wine and on Facebook at Nikki Murdock. Monae’s Wine is more than just a beverage—it’s a statement of diversity, an inspiration for future winemakers, and a testament to the power of enduring vision and passion.


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