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Travel Shield: Your Partner in Secure Travels

Travel Shield: Your Partner in Secure Travels
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In the modern era, when security is a top-notch concern for every being, keeping insurance for every reason is necessary in multiple countries. While insurance is a foremost aspect of human lives in today’s world, Travel Shield stands out as a premier insurance broker, prioritizing clients’ needs with a commitment to providing tailored plans at the most reasonably priced premiums. Unlike many, they work in the best interest of their patrons, not the insurance companies. Their prime focus lies on managing risks and supporting travelers during their most critical times, ensuring a secure and worry-free journey.

Comprehensive Coverage for Every Journey

Travel Shields’ far-reaching range of insurance products, underwritten by reputable companies such as Manulife Financial, RBC Insurance, Sun Life, Industrial Alliance, Assumption Life, Empire Life, and more, caters to diverse needs. They highly comprehend that the key to customer satisfaction lies in offering plans that align flawlessly with individual requirements.

Emergency Support Worldwide

Travel Shield takes pride in its abrupt response capabilities, spanning 100 countries internationally. Their robust technology platform is geared towards justifying and supporting any travel emergency. Here are some of the features that sets them apart from other firms:

  • Medical Support: Immediate consultation with a medical professional, with the option of medical evacuation if needed.
  • Medical Evacuation: Transportation to the hospital of your choice at no cost.
  • Telemedical Consultation: Urgent consultations with medical professionals.
  • Hospital Referrals: Recommendations for the best English-speaking hospitals worldwide.
  • Medication & Prescriptions: Coordination with your home physician to deliver forgotten or lost medications.
  • Panic Button: A single emergency button accessible anywhere in the world.
  • Global 911 Response: Coverage in over 100 countries.
  • Operations Center:  Skilled security analysts available 24/7.
  • Crisis Support:  Capabilities to respond to various crises, including terrorist events, natural disasters, and kidnappings.
  • Intelligence: Access to automated risk alerts, intelligence reports, and real-time location tracking.
  • Location Sharing: Provide family members with views of your current and past locations.
  • Mass Communication: Keep your travel group updated with trip-specific information.
  • Automated Alerts: Receive travel warnings based on your current location.

Building Lasting Relationships

At Team Travel Shield, it is believed that customers are the backbone of any business. their customer-centric approach has permitted them to not only meet but exceed expectations, resulting in lasting customer relationships and strengthened loyalty. their commitment to going the extra mile ensures that our professional services bring smiles and satisfaction to their valued clients.

Superior Insurance Products

As a leading provider of Super Visa Insurance, Visitor’s Insurance, Travel Insurance, and International Student Insurance, Travel Shield offers products underwritten by Berkley Canada, providing peace of mind and security for travelers.

Advantages of Travel Shield Plans:

  • Coverage for stable pre-existing medical conditions up to 180 days for travelers up to age 80 (Plan B).
  • Flexibility with deductibles.
  • Cost-effective, especially for ages 55, 65, 70, 75, and 80.
  • Plan A and Plan B options, catering to varying needs.


  • Exclusion of certain medical conditions for travelers in their 70s.
  • Signature required upon application, returned via fax or scan/email.
  • Availability limited to specific provinces (BC, AB, SK, MB, and ON).
  • Higher fees for early return and cancellation.

Travel Shield is not just an insurance broker; they serve as your committed partner in secure travels. With a pledge to customer satisfaction, comprehensive coverage, and innovative emergency response, they ensure that your journey is not only protected but also worry-free. Choose Travel Shield for a travel insurance experience that prioritizes you.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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