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Addressing the Global Water Crisis: How Well Water Finders’ Patented Technology is Leading the Way

Addressing the Global Water Crisis: How Well Water Finders' Patented Technology is Leading the Way
Photo: / Well Water Finders, Inc.

By: Andrew Vandekop

Patented Groundwater Mapping System Set to Transform the Way We Understand and Manage Groundwater

Well Water Finders, Inc., a groundwater technology company that uses its patented system to determine the location, depth and potential volume of groundwater, announced today that it has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign via the Netcapital platform. The company is seeking shareholders who support its dedication to addressing critical challenges faced by the global water sector.

“You can’t manage groundwater effectively without measuring it,” said Andrew Vandekop, CEO of Well Water Finders. “Our system is going to be a potentially valuable asset to water professionals working on the water crisis all around the world.”

The Well Water Finders technology locates groundwater down to 5,000 ft. in minutes. It can also captures the movement and flow of that groundwater, detecting the level of activity. This information can be used by water well drillers to accurately locate water before a drilling attempt. And because the Well Water Finders technology can also detect the hardness of layers capable of holding groundwater, the system can be used to help recharge aquifers. In a world with record-breaking drought, the founders believe that aquifer recharge could potentially be one of the most impactful uses of the tech.

“2023 was the hottest year on record, and as the droughts continue, the demand for tech that can accurately locate groundwater can become one of the most valuable technologies of our time,” said Teisha Vandekop, Founder and COO. “The Well Water Finder is portable, rapid and easy to operate – enabling users of the system to have real-time groundwater knowledge wherever their work takes them.”

Well Water Finders, a woman-owned business, was recently selected to be a portfolio member of the Austin Technology Incubator – the deep tech incubator at The University of Texas in Austin. ATI is the longest active technology incubator in the United States and has helped numerous entrepreneurs effectively commercialize their breakthrough innovations and compete in the global marketplace.

“ATI supports innovators who are working hard towards helping to solve our world’s most pressing issues,” Becky Taylor, Interim Executive Director of Austin Technology Incubator. “Developing a clean and sustainable water supply is one of ATI’s core missions and we look forward to helping the Well Water Finders commercialize their deep tech solution.”

The launch of the company’s Regulation Crowdfunding (RegCF) campaign enables accredited and non-accredited investors to own shares in Well Water Finders, helping to propel the company’s innovative solution to the market and address the world’s water challenges.


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