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Ajita Robinson Addressing the Gaps: Enhancing Mental Health and Retention in Organizations

Ajita Robinson
Photo Credited to Dr. Ajita Robinson

By: Commander Publicity

Dr. Ajita Robinson, renowned licensed clinical professional counselor and founder and lead clinician at Friends in Transition Counseling Service, has dedicated most of her life to addressing and improving various aspects of mental health, both within organizations and in her personal life. Driven by her own experiences with toxic workplace environments, career burnout, and mental health needs while battling postpartum depression, she aspires to ensure that people in the workplace and beyond have access to effective, life-changing therapy.

The pandemic has shifted priorities and the landscape of mental health care and professionalism within the business community; there seems to be less focus on its paramount importance. Dr. Robinson believes that integrating mental health and wellness into the company’s core values, rather than making it a mere contingency plan, will foster a more balanced approach to addressing the mental health concerns of employees.

Earlier this year, Dr. Robinson published a book that focuses on helping people process their grief, inspired by the desperate need for mental health services against the staggering dearth of available mental health providers. With a ratio of 70,000 individuals needing services for every one mental health provider, the onus to bridge this gap falls heavily onto professionals like Dr. Robinson.

The book serves a tripartite purpose. First, it provides grief-related information, support, and tools to people who are hesitant to engage in therapy, capitalizing on the successful $4 billion self-help industry. Secondly, it serves as a tool for those actively seeking services but cannot find an available clinician. The third and possibly most crucial part is as a guide for educators and first responders. Equipping them with the ability to recognize different types of grief helps them provide companionship and aid to those grieving.

Beyond her clinical expertise, Dr. Robinson’s work is characterized by her previous experience as a corporate consultant. The blend of the corporate world’s strategies and the mental health sector’s compassion enables her to show organizations how they can bridge gaps in policies, workplace culture, and leadership styles that otherwise threaten the mental health, wellness, and retention of workers. This approach reflects her vision – ‘Mental Health for Everyone, Anywhere’.

Dr. Robinson is known in her field as ‘The Experts’ Therapist,’ a testament to her professional prowess, humble demeanor, and unyielding commitment to her cause. Moreover, being a Grief & Trauma therapist, Bestselling Author, International Speaker, and Income Strategist, she is also a role model for many aspiring professionals in the field.

Over time, Dr. Robinson’s Friends in Transition Counseling Service, a mental health practice based in Bethesda, MD, has grown leaps and bounds. Her dedication to the cause and strategic business acumen allowed her to scale it to 7-figures, thus allowing her to reach more people and extend her company’s reach in the field of mental health solutions.

Dr. Ajita Robinson’s life and work epitomize a fierce commitment to mental health, a dedication to serving others, and an ambitious spirit that understands the importance of financial freedom. Through her multifaceted roles and endeavors, she continues to help mental health entrepreneurs create living legacies, thereby disrupting cycles of trauma and poverty and aiding in community healing.

In that spirit, this important work becomes a dialogue, an ongoing, rich discussion that invites everyone into the fold. After all, mental health and wellness are universal concepts that touch each of our lives, and Dr. Robinson’s work is a beacon of that understanding. For more information about Dr. Ajita Robinson and her work, please visit her website: or follow her on Instagram at


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