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An Exciting Chapter for Lithium Mining: The Rise of Consolidated Lithium Metals Inc.

An Exciting Chapter for Lithium Mining: The Rise of Consolidated Lithium Metals Inc
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In the wake of a significant transition and rebranding phase, Consolidated Lithium Metals Inc., formerly Jourdan Resources, emerges as a leading contender in the lithium mining sector. With trading symbols as CLM (TSX Venture), JORF (OTC), and Z36 (Frankfurt), CLM’s core strategy centers around the acquisition, exploration, production, and development of mining properties, focusing especially on lithium.

One of the distinguishing features of CLM is its unwavering adherence to federal and provincial mining regulations. The company ensures comprehensive compliance with all mining permits and environmental directives, signifying their responsible approach towards business. Moreover, the company’s Quebec-based operations are a testament to its dedication towards fostering the local community and workforce.

Recently, CLM marked an important milestone in its journey by announcing its collaboration with INFOR Financial Inc., a renowned provider of broker-dealer services headquartered in Toronto, Canada. This partnership is aimed at providing market-making services on the TSX Venture Exchange, thus ensuring an organized market and liquidity for CLM’s investors. This strategic move not only bolsters CLM’s market position but also highlights the company’s dedication towards effective investor relations and robust corporate governance.

Under this agreement, INFOR Financial Inc. will trade CLM’s common shares on the TSXV, and in return, CLM will remunerate INFOR Financial with a monthly payment of $10,000 for a minimum duration of twelve months. This step guarantees continuity and stability for CLM’s investors. Importantly, the contract does not contain performance factors and excludes any CLM securities from INFOR Financial’s compensation package. 

CLM’s mining properties, located primarily in Quebec, Canada, encompass spodumene-bearing pegmatites of the La Corne Batholith, in proximity to the Quebec lithium mine of North American Lithium. With Quebec fast emerging as a significant global hub for the lithium industry, CLM’s strategic positioning presents exciting prospects in the blossoming market.

The company boasts three prominent properties, all highlighting its potential to make sizeable contributions to the lithium mining sector. The Vallée Lithium property, situated in Abitibi, Quebec, is in the townships of La Corne and Fiedmont on the NTS map 32C05.

Next, the Baillargé-Est property, located within the La Corne township in Abitibi, Quebec, on Map 32 C 05 (NTS), is a 35-claim project sited 38 kilometers north of the town of Val d’Or and about 30 kilometers southwest of the village of Barraute. This property, covering around three-quarters of Lake Baillargé, constitutes a sprawling area of 1299 hectares.

Lastly, the Preissac-Lacorne Property, also in Abitibi, Quebec, extends across the municipalities of La Corne, Saint-Marc-de-Figuery, La Motte, and Landrienne on NTS maps 32C05 and 32D08. This property enjoys easy access due to its adjacency to the paved highway 111, approximately 38 kilometers north of the town of Val-d’Or and 30 kilometers south of Amos or about 30 kilometers southwest of the village of Barraute. These properties, given their strategic locations and potential, emphasize the promising future of Consolidated Lithium Metals Inc. in the lithium mining industry.

With a rigorous approach to mining operations and strict alignment with federal and provincial mining regulations, CLM sends a compelling message: they place a high premium on compliance and safety. Moreover, their engagement with INFOR Financial Inc. signals the company’s dedication to maintaining a stable market and enhancing investor confidence.

Stakeholders across the investors’ spectrum, the mining industry, and the green energy sector can expect noteworthy advancements in the lithium mining industry, spurred by CLM’s commitment to exploration, production, and development. Given the explosive growth of the electric vehicle (EV) industry and the critical role of lithium in fabricating lithium-ion batteries, CLM’s future looks increasingly promising.

Bearing in mind these considerations, CLM paints a vivid picture of the future – a sustainable mining sector that caters to the escalating demand for lithium while respecting environmental norms and championing local communities. As the EV industry and the green energy market continue to expand, Consolidated Lithium Metals Inc. stands poised to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this promising landscape.


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