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Award-Winning Musician Lachi Expands Her Creative Horizons with Debut Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Death Tango’ via Running Wild Press

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Today, the world-renowned recording artist and tireless disability culture advocate, Lachi, takes her talents to a whole new dimension as she unveils her debut science fiction thriller, Death Tango, published by Running Wild Press.

Set in the enthralling backdrop of a utopian twenty-third-century New York City, Death Tango paints a vivid picture of a world where corporations have overtaken governments, artificial intelligence governs culture, and every citizen has the power to scrutinize their peers through a pervasive app. This spine-tingling sci-fi thriller invites readers to join four disparate coeds as they embark on a quest to unravel the chilling mystery surrounding the murder of an eccentric parascientist. In a society where even the most vigilant crowd-sourced surveillance can be breached, the clock is ticking as they strive to prevent a sinister plague from consuming the city—an ailment that appears to be evolving into something sentient and more malevolent than anyone could have imagined.

Kirkus Review has hailed Death Tango as a “sharp thriller” with “swift pacing” and an “impressive cast,” while Abyss & Apex declares it “unputdownable” and “a great read.” With this gripping debut, Lachi ventures into the world of fiction, offering readers a heart-pounding journey through a dystopian future.

Lachi’s accomplishments transcend her music and writing. In recent weeks, she graced the White House with an impromptu performance, accompanied by the legendary Winton Marsalis, in the company of influential figures such as Hillary Clinton and tennis sensation Coco Gauff. She also lit up the runway at the Runway of Dreams New York Fashion Week show, where she shared her insights with ABC News and Yahoo’s In The Know. Her presence at the U.N. General Assembly reception at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, alongside First Lady Jill Biden, underscores her growing impact.

Death Tango follows closely on the heels of Lachi’s latest single, “Lift Me Up,” a collaborative effort with acclaimed songwriter James Ian and Broadway musician Gaelynn Lea. This heartfelt song pays homage to the late disability rights activist Judy Heumann, and its music video, directed by Day Al-Mohamed (PBS American Masters) and Catriona Rubenis-Stevens, features three esteemed Sign Language performers – Amber Galloway, Otis Jones (aka SlntWrld), and Nell Russell. Tony-winning actress Ali Stroker, the first wheelchair-using actor to grace a Broadway stage, provides an audio description for viewers with visual impairments. Google-sponsored captions and audio descriptions ensure accessibility for all.

Presented by Google and endorsed by notable artists like Coldplay, Lift Me Up has achieved remarkable success, earning airplay on BET Soul and reaching #29 on the Adult Contemporary charts. The video has garnered over 3 million views across social media platforms, sparking vital conversations about its profound impact on the disability community. In August, Lachi released a remix of “Lift Me Up,” co-produced with acclaimed documentarian and sound designer James Lebrecht.

“Lift Me Up” was released under the banner of RAMPD Records, a division of the RAMPD organization (Recording Artists and Music Professionals with Disabilities), founded by Lachi in 2021. RAMPD has quickly evolved into a global network dedicated to promoting accessibility and inclusivity within the music industry, emerging as a catalyst for change. The RAMPD website ( serves as a comprehensive platform, connecting users with professional music creators and industry talent with disabilities and neurodivergent backgrounds. The website’s “Accessible-First” design ensures full accessibility for all users, both front-end and back-end.

Lachi’s multifaceted career continues to inspire and uplift, setting new standards for inclusivity and accessibility across the realms of entertainment and literature.

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