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Boxing Prodigy Yahu Blackwell Solidifies Entrepreneurial Career by Bagging Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

Diversifying one’s income stream has recently increased in popularity, with people realizing that merely relying on their career is not the wisest decision. After all, if the past few years have proven one thing, it is that anything can happen in an instant, which may drastically alter an individual’s ability to continue pursuing their chosen profession. Therefore, contingency plans should be in place to ensure that one can sustain their needs; this philosophy is something that Yahu Blackwell stands by and believes in.

Also known as Yah’Kwame Nii, the inspiring man hails from GaMashie Ghana from the Gadangme Tribe, Northern Kingdom, The House of Amaah Tse We. He is a gifted and dedicated athlete who is making waves in the ring as a boxing prodigy. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, the champion is currently training and preparing for the upcoming WBC regional championship. He is also on the fast track to facing Ilunga Makabu at the end of 2023.

Yet despite his stellar career as a professional boxer, the intuitive individual has also taken up entrepreneurship. He is a proud restaurateur who owns several franchises, including Rita’s Italian Ice, Jamba Juice, Qdoba, and Nalley Fresh. This time, the go-getter has added Auntie Anne’s Pretzels to his impressive portfolio.

In the same way, as he is gearing up for his matches next year, Yahu is also getting ready to launch his latest endeavor. His Auntie Anne’s Pretzels branch will be celebrating its grand opening in March 2023 and will be located at the Baltimore Grand Rotunda at 727 W. 40th Street in Baltimore, Maryland. 

When asked what motivated him to venture into the business space, the insightful athlete candidly admitted that he initially did not think about it. However, his perspective changed after reading the 2009 article, which said that 60% of former NBA players blow through their money and savings within five years of retirement. The alarming statistic did an excellent job of awakening his hunger to ensure that he does not follow the path of his peers. 

He also explained why he chose the beloved pretzel chain as his newest project, “Auntie Anne’s is a world-renowned brand that we all grew up on. So many great pretzel choices, Just the smell of those cinnamon pretzels can draw anyone to the front of the line.”

Yahu has indeed demonstrated a remarkable determination toward having a financially secure future. While he continues to climb the ranks and solidify his reputation as a formidable fighter, the passionate boxing champ also remains steadfast in his commitment as a business owner.

Because of his exceptional hard work and perseverance, Yahu Blackwell is considered by many as the Shaquille O’Neil of boxing. The admirable individual shared his journey to becoming a sports legend and business tycoon: “I don’t only want to become the richest athlete from Baltimore but also become known for my entrepreneurship and savvy business portfolio. My goal is to earn more outside of the boxing ring than in it.”


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