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Author Christy Cashman Supports Seen Through Horses Campaign

Author Christy Cashman Supports Seen Through Horses Campaign
Photo Courtesy: Seen Through Horses / Christy Cashman

Horse lover and wellness advocate Christy Cashman is one of the many horse-loving celebrities to join Horses for Mental Health, the third annual Seen Through Horses Campaign, As we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month during May,  the campaign unites celebrity ambassadors in support of 80 non-profit organizations providing mental health and well-being programs and services incorporating horses in 36 states. 

Her debut novel, The Truth About Horses, is a triumphant story about the fierce spirit of a young woman facing life’s unexpected challenges, a devastating loss, and the search for her place in the world. The book explores grief and fighting through it with the help of a deep connection with horses.

Horses for Mental Health, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has the growing support of a multitude of esteemed equestrians for its third annual Seen Through Horses Campaign, presented by Zoetis Equine. In coordination with Mental Health Awareness Month, the campaign unites celebrity ambassadors in support of 80 non-profit organizations providing mental health and well-being programs and services incorporating horses in 36 states. 

From May 1- 31, 2024, anyone can donate by visiting which will directly go to supporting mental health programs and services. To date, the Seen Through Horses campaign has raised over $375,000 for nonprofit organizations to increase access and expand services for those in need. 

“Seen Through Horses” is grateful to the newest horse-loving advocates and award-winning actors, athletes,  journalists, musical artists, icons and authors including Christy Cashman, Andrea Bocelli, Apolo Ohno, Misdee Wrigley Miller, Whey Jennings, Alex Hall, Allie Colleen, Nigel Barker, Sheri Salata, Jeremy Gauna, Eli Alger, Jodie Morton, Tony Stromberg, Emanuele Pistucchia, Helen Pollock, and Devon O’Day who all believe in the profound connection between humans and horses.

“Horses are teachers,” writes Christy Cashman. “I believe some of them will teach you more about yourself than hours and hours in (traditional) therapy sessions. In my experience, it’s because they don’t always do exactly what you want. They aren’t there to abide by our rigid idea of the way we think things “should be. And to me, that could be the most valuable and therapeutic experience anyone could ever have.“

Lifelong cowboys and co-stars of the new movie “Ride,” Forrie J Smith and C Thomas Howell and the film’s writer/director Jake Allyn have also joined this trailblazing mission!   

Also spotlighted, Special Olympics gold medal athletes Emily Ward (equestrian) and 62-time gold medalist Shawn Hinz share stories of horses that have made a monumental impact on their lives. 

Dedicated equestrians championing this campaign include the legendary Randy Travis, actors Sophie Grace and Bourke Floyd, journalists Jill Rappaport and Reggie Selma, Chilean Pro Show Jumper Gabriela Reutter, firefighter Shelby Van Weelden, country music artists Tayla Lynn, J Michael Harter, Callie Twisselman, Justin Adams, Clayton Smalley, designer Dalia MacPhee and two world champion equestrians Kristy Goodall and (actor) Riley Smith. 

You can read their extraordinary stories and learn more at: 

“Seen Through Horses” is a peer-to-peer campaign composed of people, 80 nonprofits, mental health specialists, influencers, and businesses to increase awareness and public engagement, and raise funds to improve access to programs incorporating horses for mental health and personal growth.

Horses for Mental Health is proud to announce the release of our latest feature video as part of the Seen Through Horses Campaign, “Supporting Mental Health in Rural Communities.” This video spotlights the crisis encased in a lack of access to quality resources and the stigma around seeking mental health help.

“The numbers tell a story – 46 million people live in rural America, yet they face a disproportionate share of mental health struggles, with limited access to resources. Stigma thrives in these communities, fueled by the ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ mentality,” says Tyler Brklacich, Horses for Mental Health Co-Founder and Executive Producer. “Yet amidst these challenges, hope emerges through partnerships with horses.”

About Horses for Mental Health & the Seen Through Horses Campaign

Produced by Horses for Mental Health, Seen Through Horses is a peer-to-peer campaign composed of individuals, nonprofits, mental health professionals, influencers, and businesses to increase awareness, public engagement, and raise funds to improve access to programs incorporating horses for mental health and personal growth. Horses can make a much-needed difference for mental health challenges so many in our world face. Seen Through Horses aims to convene a community, empower nonprofits, and share stories of transformation to illustrate the positive impacts of incorporating horses into mental health services and programs.

In addition to our title sponsor and executive producer, premier partners supporting the campaign also include The American Horse Council, American Psychological Association’s Section on Human-Animal Interaction (APA HAI), Arenas for Change (ARCH), Black in the Saddle, Equine Network, EQUUS Films & Arts, EQUUS Television Network, Horses & Humans Research Foundation​​, Institute for Human-Animal Connection, Natural Lifemanship, New Trails Learning Systems, PATH International, Polyvagal Equine Institute, Rural Minds, Temple Grandin Equine Center (CSU), The HERD Institute, and US Equestrian.

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