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CISO Sidekick: Empowering SMBs and Cybersecurity Professionals

Ciso Sidekick
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In a rapidly evolving digital world, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face the daunting task of safeguarding their cyber assets without breaking the bank. Enter CISO Sidekick, a pioneering cybersecurity firm founded by former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Tim Dubman. With a unique, subscription-based model, CISO Sidekick makes top-tier cybersecurity solutions accessible and affordable for SMBs. And as a first in the industry, the firm is taking significant strides to champion the often-neglected mental well-being of cybersecurity professionals. 

We understand the challenges SMBs face regarding cybersecurity. Limited budgets, resource constraints, and the need to navigate complex regulatory requirements can leave SMBs vulnerable to cyber threats. We’ve recognized these struggles and developed flexible, cost-effective services tailored to their needs. Our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services offer an affordable alternative to employing a dedicated full-time cybersecurity lead. Our vCISOs provide strategy development, risk assessments, comprehensive security programs, and other essential security functions. By partnering with CISO Sidekick, SMBs can gain expert oversight without the significant financial investment of a full-time position. 

Additionally, we provide regulatory compliance guidance and personalized cybersecurity support, enabling SMBs to confidently navigate the complexities of today’s digital world. Instead of offering traditional, high-cost never-ending “consulting,” we partner with our clients, working closely with them to understand their unique needs and adapt our services accordingly. 

Understanding these needs is at the heart of CISO Sidekick’s mission. Tim explains, “One of the biggest hurdles SMBs face is the cost and complexity associated with cybersecurity. We address that by offering affordable solutions without compromising quality. Our subscription-based pricing offers tiered packages that solve unique problems and provide different resources depending on the SMB’s specific needs and budget. Additionally, with contracts as short as one month, our short-term commitments allow SMBs to adapt their cybersecurity strategy as their business evolves without the financial burden of long-term contracts. These flexible offerings ensure SMBs can access the expertise they need without straining their budgets.” 

What also sets CISO Sidekick apart is its unwavering commitment to cybersecurity professionals’ mental health and well-being. As a cybersecurity industry expert, Tim understands the toll high-stakes cybersecurity jobs can take on individuals in the industry. In response, CISO Sidekick has developed PsyberThrive™, which operates as a free referral service to a network for coaches and mental health therapists trained to understand the unique challenges cybersecurity professionals face. 

Members of the PsyberThrive network also have access to comprehensive security and privacy training relevant to their organizations. This includes privacy standards, data protection protocols, and best cybersecurity practices. This two-pronged approach to training equips them with the knowledge to offer informed guidance to security professionals while striving to uphold the highest privacy and security standards in their organizations. 

CISO Sidekick connects professionals in need of support with this specialized network. This well-coordinated approach empowers cybersecurity professionals to effectively manage stress, avert burnout, and obtain peak performance, all while ensuring their unique mental health needs and challenges are recognized and addressed. Through the pioneering initiative of PsyberThrive, CISO Sidekick is reshaping how the industry supports the mental well-being of cybersecurity professionals. 

“We believe a healthier cyber workforce leads to stronger cybersecurity,” emphasizes Tim. “By addressing the mental health challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals, we not only help individuals thrive, but we also contribute to a more resilient and effective industry as a whole.” 

CISO Sidekick’s dedication to affordability, flexibility, quality, and mental health support has resonated with SMBs and cybersecurity professionals across various industries. Retail, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, education, technology, hospitality, and professional services are some sectors that benefit from CISO Sidekick’s tailored solutions and expert guidance.   

CISO Sidekick aims to raise awareness about SMBs and cybersecurity professionals’ unique challenges through this press release. By highlighting their innovative solutions and mental health support, CISO Sidekick hopes to inspire proactive steps toward securing digital assets and fostering a resilient, well-rounded, and supported cybersecurity workforce. 

With CISO Sidekick, you have a Chief Information Security Officer by your side, helping to safeguard your data. Secure your success. Visit to see our competitive vCISO pricing, and schedule a meeting today to discuss how our team can bolster your security strategy and give you peace of mind. 


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