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Elevating the Power of Professional Women: Nakia Campbell, The Mental Motivator

Elevating the Power of Professional Women: Nakia Campbell, The Mental Motivator
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In the pursuit of personal and professional success, a potent instrument stands between us and our aspirations — our mindset. Nakia Campbell, known as The Mental Motivator, is reshaping the mindset narrative by empowering and developing women around the world. “Mindset Shift: From Make Over To Take Over,” a quote closely associated with her brand, perfectly encapsulates her mission. 

The Mental Motivator LLC, under Campbell’s expert guidance, is destined to become a leader in personal and professional development. This organization prioritizes its clients’ needs and ambitions, forging a new path in mentoring, coaching, and career development for professional women. Through collaborations with influential women and established organizations, it strengthens its commitment to its core values, ensuring a thriving community for women’s advancement. 

Campbell has long been a powerful voice in personal and professional development, using her platform to transform the way women live, think, and thrive. With over 12 years of leadership experience and a profound understanding of the lack of diversity and inclusivity in professional spaces, she was motivated to take action. Through her engaging speeches, she communicates her wisdom to her audiences, challenging them to question their beliefs and replace negative thinking patterns with positive ones. 

Among her notable accomplishments are the captivating masterclasses she has hosted, reaching audiences nationwide and in Canada and Australia, and her stirring presentation at Michigan State University on the criticality of mindset for survival. As a motivational speaker, she is unwavering in her commitment to transforming lives and bringing change to organizations. Through tailored corporate trainings, she educates about the five mindsets required for success, diversity equity and inclusion, and the critical success factors for women. 

When she is not on stage or facilitating a training, she can be found helping her son run his candle company, Calm & Cure Candle Co. Despite her extensive commitments, she always makes time to assist others in finding solutions to their problems. Her dedication and resilience earned her the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022, a testament to her influence and contribution. 

The Mental Motivator represents more than just a brand; it embodies Campbell’s life mission to create a supportive environment for women’s personal and professional growth. As she continues to extend her influence globally, her vision to shift mindsets – from makeovers to takeovers – remains unwavering. 

Follow Nakia Campbell, the Mental Motivator, on her journey to empower and equip professional women on Instagram (@the.mental.motivator) or through her website ( She stands ready to lead a mindset revolution – from making over lives to taking them over. 


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