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Embrace Continuous Learning to Tackle Chronic Labor Shortages and Retention Challenges Says Interplay Learning’s Doug Donovan

Doug Donovan

Companies today are facing unprecedented challenges in filling open jobs. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, there are 9.5 million job openings in the U.S., but only 6.5 million unemployed workers.Industry expert Doug Donovan from Austin-based Interplay Learning knows this all too well. In our engaging exchange, he shared insights on how continuous learning can be a game-changer for industries grappling with chronic skilled labor shortages and employee retention crises.

The lack of skilled labor and high turnover rates cost billions globally and necessitate a radical shift in management practices and workforce training. Existing training tactics seem to be stumbling in today’s digital era. But as Doug puts it, “Training that incorporates technology like simulations, virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies–especially those in skilled trades–plug the talent drain, ramp new employees faster, and continuously enhance the skills of their existing workforce.” Herein lies the cornerstone of Interplay Learning’s innovative approach to reshaping the future of skilled trades training.

Interplay Learning has earned accolades such as AHR’s 2023 Innovation Award, and made it onto Forbes’ 2023 America’s Best Startup Employers list, bolstering their standing as a leader in immersive skilled trades training. They’re pioneering a shift with their acclaimed training platform, emphasizing that it’s crucial to, “provide employees with the resources they need to succeed and remain happy in their jobs. A continuous learning culture prepares new workers to ramp quickly, helps existing employees upskill and offers opportunities for career advancement.” 

Interplay’s platform is goes beyond traditional training methods that fail to resonate with a digitally native workforce. Instead, Interplay Learning is harnessing the potential of 3D simulations, to redefine training. This personalized and immersive training experience makes learning fun and facilitates rapid upskilling, enabling new technicians to be job-ready in a matter of weeks, not years.

Doug elaborates, training isn’t just about filling jobs quickly. It’s about fostering a culture where all employees are given the tools to continuously improve and advance in their careers, which in turn can enhance job satisfaction and retention.

“More effective training lies in personalized learning paths and assessments that help identify knowledge or skill gaps,” Doug asserts. This ensures that learning isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. Employees embark on a customized online learning experience, equipped to develop at their own pace and according to their unique learning needs. 

Interplay Learning’s training platform offers a robust suite of expert-led videos, hands-on 3D simulations, learning paths, and skills assessments that provide immediate ramping and continuous educational growth. It gives companies the tools they need to assess their teams’ skills and provides valuable analytics and insights into training progress across the company. 

Leaders looking to remedy labor shortages and high turnover rates should heed the advice of industry pioneers like Doug Donovan and Interplay Learning. Companies, especially those set on thriving in the highly competitive skilled trades arena, must lean into modern training approaches that resonate with today’s tech-savvy generations and cater to the shifting landscape of work and learning.

For those eager to learn more about Interplay Learning’s pathbreaking strategies and solutions in the skilled trades domain, a quick click on their website, might just be the start of an educational revolution for your organization.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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