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“Empowering Radiance”: Celebrating the Collective Efforts of Inspiring Leaders of Nuclear Industry and Business Environment

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In a heartwarming display of support, the charity exhibition “Empowering Radiance” took place on November 3, 2023, in the heart of the city at the “Toronto-Kyiv” Complex, in Kyiv, Ukraine. The event showcased the creative works of 23 remarkable female atomic workers, falling under two categories: fine art and decorative and applied art. This inspiring initiative was brought to life through the collaborative efforts of the NGO “Women in Nuclear Ukraine” and the NGO “Ukrainian Nuclear Society” as organizers of this event.

The exhibited creative works stand as a testament to the exceptional talents of these female professionals, who play a vital role in ensuring the stable, reliable, and safe operation of Ukraine’s atomic energy complex. Among the participants were representatives from Ukrainian nuclear power plants, the national operator, a radioactive waste processing enterprise, a nuclear research institute, and an exclusion zone agency.

What truly distinguishes this event is its philanthropic dimension. As an integral part of the charity exhibition, a fundraising campaign was launched to support women in the Armed Forces. These funds will be allocated for the purchase of women’s military ammunition, uniforms, shoes, protective gear, and essential humanitarian aid. The organizers have pledged that all proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the “Zemlyachki. Ukrainian Front.”

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This noble cause received support from various generous partners. The general partners included PJSC “UKST ‘Toronto-Kyiv,’ “TK Property Management,” and the NGO “Soborna Ukraine.” These organizations played a pivotal role in making this event a reality.

Additionally, several partners contributed to creating a wonderful atmosphere at the exhibition. These partners included singer Darina Kirilko, Tea Rose flower shop, Ol.factory aroma branding agency, and a creative location that offered exceptional cuisine at the Normal Art Restaurant.

The exhibition was also privileged to have an information partner in the form of a reputable business school MIM-Kyiv, further enhancing its reach and impact.

Margaryta Rayets

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Margaryta Rayets, the President of WiN Ukraine, expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support that made “Empowering Radiance” possible. She shared, “This event represents a convergence of talent, compassion, and dedication. It is an embodiment of the relentless spirit of the women in the atomic sector, and their commitment to not only their profession but also to the greater community. Together, we aim to empower and uplift our fellow women in the Armed Forces, standing as a beacon of hope in these challenging times. We with Renata Yaresko (the creative director of this artistic endeavor), who played a pivotal role in curating a space where talent and creativity shone brilliantly, could not even imagine that our project will be a success, having nothing but zero budget for its implementation and being really “crazy dedicated” persons. Her unique vision and dedication to showcasing the extraordinary talents of these female atomic workers added a layer of depth and artistry to the event. She is the person who actually not only created such a unique naming as “Empowering Radiance” for this event, but also participated there as an artist! I am so proud that WiN Ukraine continues to implement its mission and gather many talented people around by building strong nuclear community of like-minded women even during such hard times, when Ukraine struggles for its freedom against its enemy, the Russian Federation. And as the President of WiN Ukraine, I am committed to tirelessly championing the nuclear industry, addressing its challenges in safeguarding human capital, and advocating for gender equality and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles on a broader scale.”

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“Empowering Radiance” serves as a shining example of how talented and compassionate women from the atomic industry are extending their support to women in the Armed Forces. Their dedication to both their craft and their community is truly commendable, and it demonstrates the power of unity and compassion in making a difference.

In a remarkable display of unity and support, the charity exhibition “Empowering Radiance” not only illuminated the creative talents of female atomic workers but also lit up the heart of the city.  Adding another layer of significance to this event was St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church, a cherished symbol of light and truth. Thanks to the generous support of general partner Toronto-Kyiv, the church was illuminated on this special evening. This symbolic gesture serves as a powerful representation of the “Empowering Radiance” mission, radiating the light of truth and empowerment to all.



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