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From Paschal Construction to Paschal Project Management: Setting the Gold Standard for Residential and Commercial Construction Services

The construction industry is one of the most important sectors in society. It is responsible for building communities and, in turn, the nation. As such, finding a trustworthy and dependable provider that champions excellence and quality is paramount. When it comes to stellar construction services, one name stands out: Paschal Construction.

At the helm of this impressive enterprise is esteemed entrepreneur Chuck Hildreth. However, many might not know that the company was first established several years ago in Hot Springs, Arkansas, by his late uncle John Andrew Paschal. The contractor and builder very enthusiastic about his craft and did everything from home repairs to building homes and even commercial properties. It is a venture that is not only rich in history but, more importantly, in legacy.

Chuck witnessed the dedication and expertise of the founder, which helped him take Paschal Construction to the top of the industry. At the time, he was merely a teenager who saw the job as a terrific way to make money. Little did he know that his early exposure to the industry gave him a better understanding of the construction business. Eventually, it would lead him to resurrect the once thriving enterprise.

Looking back on his journey, the entrepreneur shared, “Once the namesake, Paschal Construction was back in operation, I began building it back to what it once was and better.” Taking inspiration from his predecessor, he reopened the construction business and managed home repairs, patio additions, and everything in between. Staying true to his vision of elevating the venture, Chuck mastered remodeling and repairs.

But of course, he did not stop there and expanded the brand’s horizons even further by entering the Project Management scene. On top of that, he also, caters to commercial properties. Before long, Paschal Construction amassed a diverse list of clients, including corporations such as Fitzgerald Casino and the World-Famous Wendy’s Restaurants. In addition, the enterprise is performing rent ready for Property Management companies, rehabs for investors, remodels for flippers, and construction maintenance for corporations.

As the leader proudly explained, “Transitioning from Paschal Construction to Paschal Project Management has allowed us to see the construction side to the management side. This wide scope puts us in a unique position of vision. The vision from laborer to manager to customer perspective.”

These developments have remarkably ushered in a new era of the business and helped solidify its reputation as an industry authority. As a testament to its incredible performance, the venture has a stellar 5-star rating on Yelp as well as over 90% in quality with Wendy’s and Fitzgerald’s.

Moving forward, Chuck remains steadfast in his goal of providing the community with exceptional construction services. Moreover, he plans to continue the upward trajectory of his enterprise. Sharing his plans for the brand, the entrepreneur said, “After successfully transitioning Paschal Construction to the Project Management side, we now set our sights on expanding to other areas. I’m looking to go into other markets and make Paschal Project Management a household name.”



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