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Harnessing the Power of Self-Correction to Heal and Re-align the Body with The Aid of Uniblock Dental Appliance Therapy

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Timothy Adams, DDS, D.ACSDD, is a renowned leader in the dental community, with over 35 years of experience in the field of dentistry. Dr. Adams is committed to providing the absolute best dentistry to his patients and has completed thousands of hours of continuing education to ensure he stays current and up to date with the latest dental advancements.

Dr. Adams is known for his expertise in cosmetic dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, occlusion, TMJ, sleep, and his focus on fusing form, function, and aesthetics. He believes that beauty must align with function, and changes in the bite can rejuvenate or have the opposite effect if an inexperienced doctor doesn’t understand the importance of this relationship.

Dr. Adams has received numerous awards for his outstanding leadership within the dental community, including being voted as ‘Indianapolis Top Dentist’ for 14 consecutive years (2009-2022), “Best of Carmel Dentist” (2018-2019), “America’s Best Dentist” (2018-2023), America’s Top 50 Dentists (2023) and “Expertise” Best Dentist in Indianapolis (2019-2023). He is the only dentist with a Diplomate in Sleep with the ACSDD in Indiana and one of the only dentists in Indiana who provides The Homeoblock™/ Facialblock and POD® Uniblock Appliance treatment for TMJ and sleep patients.

Dr. Adams is passionate about improving health and wellness through improved craniofacial function, jaw joint function, sutural homeostasis, and breathing. He believes the body is interconnected, and changes in one part of the body can impact other parts. Cranial strains and patterns of the cranial bones in our head affect jaw positions that directly affect our head and neck posture, TMJ, cervical stability, spinal column, tongue position. breathing and the autonomic nervous system.

To further spread his knowledge and expertise, Dr. Adams will be presenting lectures demonstrating how treatments with The Homeoblock™/ Facialblock and POD® Uniblock  appliances can improve health and wellness by addressing poor craniofacial development, tongue position, posture, airway, and the autonomic nervous system. Past and future lecture presentations can be viewed on his website:

The POD® is a US and internationally patented custom mouth guard that reduces bruxism and occlusal forces. It helps treat TMD without compromising the airway like the flat plane splint. The POD® utilizes a unilateral bite block to treat bruxism and TMD while making more room for the tongue, allowing the tongue to activate muscles to help tone the airway and activate the autonomic nervous system via the vagus nerve. The POD® replaces the flat plane splint by allowing more room for the tongue to move anteriorly and superiorly, creating a larger functional airway, protecting the TMJ capsule and disc from being impinged upon and compressed, and improving autonomic nervous system balance.

In conclusion, Dr. Timothy Adams is an experienced and knowledgeable dentist committed to improving his patient’s health and wellness by harnessing the power of self-correction to heal and re-align the body through improving Tongue Position, Posture, Airway and the Autonomic Nervous System with the aid of the Homeoblock™/ Facialblock and POD® Uniblock Appliances.

His upcoming courses at or are an excellent opportunity for dentists and their teams to learn about the Homeoblock™/ Facialblock and POD® Uniblock Therapy.


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