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How Broad Oaks Consulting Empowers Nonprofits

How Broad Oaks Consulting Empowers Nonprofits

There’s a quiet frustration that can simmer within passionate nonprofit leaders. They possess a vision, a burning desire to create positive change, yet finding the resources to translate that vision into reality can feel like an insurmountable hurdle. Broad Oaks Consulting steps in to bridge this gap, offering a roadmap for nonprofits to navigate the often-complex world of fundraising and empower them to confidently secure the resources they need to focus on what matters most: making a tangible difference in the world.

Angela Burgess, Broad Oaks Consulting’s President and CEO, speaks to a truth many women leaders encounter: “There’s so much conversation about the wage disparity,” she says, “But when I mentor women, I tell them the reason women make less is that they often don’t ask for it.” This philosophy extends to the nonprofit sector. Just as women undervalue their qualifications, nonprofit leaders can underestimate their own fundraising prowess. Broad Oaks Consulting seeks to instill confidence and skill, reminding leaders that impactful change hinges not just on vision but on the ability to secure the resources to fuel that vision.

It is a relatable picture: the leader brimming with ideas, the organization on the precipice of a breakthrough, yet lacking a clear path forward to secure the funds needed to execute the vision. Broad Oaks Consulting dismantles this barrier by providing a strategic roadmap. They understand that fundraising shouldn’t feel like a haphazard treasure hunt. Their mission is to equip nonprofit leaders with the tools and strategies to map out a sustainable financial future, allowing them to dedicate their energy to the transformative work they were called to do.

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The secret weapon in Broad Oaks Consulting’s arsenal lies in their unique blend of expertise. Angela Burgess‘ experience straddles the worlds of wealth management and nonprofit leadership. This duality allows Broad Oaks Consulting to bridge the gap between the passion that drives nonprofits and the strategic financial planning that propels them forward. They understand that running a successful nonprofit requires the same kind of acumen needed to run a successful business.

In fact, in her bestselling memoir, “Are You on the Right Bus? Navigating Change on the Road to Success,” Angela chronicles her own journey from helping wealth advisors grow their businesses to coaching nonprofits to diversify and amplify their funding resources, drawing seamless connections between the two seemingly disparate industries for the reader.

Broad Oaks’ approach is multifaceted. They offer complimentary consultations, allowing nonprofit leaders to assess their specific challenges and discover how Broad Oaks Consulting can tailor their services to address those needs. Custom philanthropy training equips leaders with the knowledge and skills to navigate the intricacies of fundraising and build lasting partnerships with donors. These combined elements empower nonprofit leaders to become not just passionate advocates but also strategic leaders capable of securing the resources necessary to fuel lasting change.

Broad Oaks Consulting doesn’t just offer solutions; they offer inspiration. They remind nonprofit leaders that they are on the cusp of a breakthrough, that the limitations they perceive are self-imposed. With the right roadmap and a strategic approach, nonprofits can unlock a world of possibilities, allowing them to create a positive impact far greater than they ever imagined. Broad Oaks Consulting doesn’t just help raise funds; they help raise hope.


Broad Oaks Consulting empowers nonprofit leaders to overcome fundraising roadblocks. They bridge the gap between a leader’s vision and the resources needed to achieve it, offering consultations, customized training, and strategic guidance. By leveraging their unique financial and nonprofit expertise, Broad Oaks Consulting equips leaders with the tools to secure sustainable funding, transforming them from passionate advocates into strategic leaders capable of creating a significant and lasting positive impact.

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